Grial UI Kit Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for Grial UI Kit, please contact our UXDivers licensing specialists.

One software license is required per application.

What’s included in the license?
Access to all Grial UI content as defined per the license tier you purchased. Within the first 12 months, you also get product updates (new features and fixes) and technical support (when included in the plan).
Grial UI Kit licenses are perpetual. Renew them to get access to updates and support.

How many licenses do I need?
You need 1 license per app. One app means one cross-platform app targeting all supported devices needed. If your team is planning to build more than one app using Grial UI Kit we encourage you to take advantage of our volume discounts on the Pro Bundle tier.

Do I need a license per developer?
No, you need 1 license per cross-platform application, no matter how many devs work on the app.

Do I need to pay a new license per target platform?
No, Grial license is app-based. It doesn’t matter whether your app targets Android, iOS or both, you only need to pay a single license per app.

What happens to the dedicated support after the one-year subscription expires?
For uninterrupted technical support service, you need to renew the support subscription.

License Agreements

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October 12, 2022