Heimdall Database Proxy

For application developers, architects, and DBA's, Heimdall Database Proxy intelligently manages connections for improved response times and database scale. Features include query caching, read/write splitting and connection pooling. The proxy is installed on a standalone server in front of your database (i.e. Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server).

The Heimdall proxy reduced the number of back-end connections to our database. It saved resources and improved database scale by reducing connections at a 1000:1 ratio. They also have great technical support.

Mohammed Abderlasoul, E-commerce Technology Manager, Sony.com

Standard Edition

  • Active/Standby Failover only
  • Query Caching
  • Read/Write Split for ACID Compliance
  • Connection Pooling

Enterprise Edition

  • Active/Active proxy auto-scaling
  • Standard Edition Features
  • Active Directory Integration for one LDAP server
  • Enterprise level support

Enterprise Plus Edition

  • Multi-tenant customer routing for SaaS platforms
  • Active Directory Integration for large scale
  • SQL Security (Data masking, GDPR auditing, Honey-tokens)
  • All Enterprise Edition features

Latest News

Heimdall Database Proxy v23.01.03.1
Heimdall Database Proxy v23.01.03.1
Improves table name extraction and adds generic threshold matching.
Heimdall Database Proxy v22.09.26.1
Heimdall Database Proxy v22.09.26.1
Adds support for per-user throttling and active query limits.
Heimdall Database Proxy v22.06.20.1
Heimdall Database Proxy v22.06.20.1
Adds Amazon Redshift as new proxy type.
Heimdall Database Proxy v22.05.23.1
Heimdall Database Proxy v22.05.23.1
Improves handling of all proxies with large result-sets.
Heimdall Database Proxy v22.04.15.1
Heimdall Database Proxy v22.04.15.1
Adds an internal Postgres driver that supports streaming of arbitrary large result-sets.
Heimdall Data Blog - Provide Low-Latency Performance
Heimdall Data Blog - Provide Low-Latency Performance
Deploy a global application with fast response times and without application changes.

Prices from: $ 12,250.00

Licensed based on proxy, CPU core increments. Size Your Proxy: Add up your database CPU cores, and take 25% for the proxy cores. Example: for 64 database cores, begin with 16 proxy cores. For Data...

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Supported versions of Linux include (in alphabetical order):

  • Alpine
  • Amazon Linux 2+
  • Centos
  • Debian
  • Oracle
  • Redhat/Fedora
  • Suse
  • Ubuntu