Heimdall Database Proxy

For application developers, architects, and DBA's, Heimdall Database Proxy intelligently manages connections for improved response times and database scale. Features include query caching, read/write splitting and connection pooling. The proxy is installed on a standalone server in front of your database (i.e. Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server).

The Heimdall proxy reduced the number of back-end connections to our database. It saved resources and improved database scale by reducing connections at a 1000:1 ratio. They also have great technical support.

Mohammed Abderlasoul, E-commerce Technology Manager, Sony.com

Heimdall Database Proxy Features include:

  • Automated query caching and invalidation.
  • Read/Write split with Strong Consistency.
  • Connection pooling.
  • Automated database failover.
  • SQL performance analytics for root cause analysis.
  • Microsoft Active Directory integration.
  • Supports any SQL database (e.g. Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server).

Latest News

Heimdall Database Proxy v21.12.21.1
Heimdall Database Proxy v21.12.21.1
Adds parameter consolidation change to simplify queries with a large number of parameters.
Heimdall Database Proxy v21.12
Heimdall Database Proxy v21.12
Adds code to wipe central manager analytics if memory usage becomes too high.
Heimdall Database Proxy v21.11
Heimdall Database Proxy v21.11
Adds the option to run proxies as systemd services even when on the same server as the central manager.
Heimdall Database Proxy v21.10
Heimdall Database Proxy v21.10
Adds global database load balancing with low latency.
Heimdall Database Proxy v21.07
Heimdall Database Proxy v21.07
Adds significant performance improvements.
Heimdall Database Proxy released
Heimdall Database Proxy released
Improve database scale out up to 20x without application changes.

Prices from: $ 10,584.00

Licensed based on proxy, CPU core increments. Proxy Sizing, To determine the proxy size, start with 25% of your database cores. At 64 CPU cores, use 16 proxy cores. Then, choose any number of proxy...

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Supported versions of Linux include (in alphabetical order):

  • Alpine
  • Amazon Linux 2+
  • Centos
  • Debian
  • Oracle
  • Redhat/Fedora
  • Suse
  • Ubuntu