Heimdall Database Proxy Releases

Released: Nov 6, 2023

Updates in v23.11.06.1


  • Add option to strip comments when forming the cache key from a query, due to DataDog's query tagging feature to track individual queries.
  • Improved handling of CTE queries, in particular with more than one CTE table in a single query.
  • Reordered admin tab options for more logical sense.
  • Add options for Kerberos for Greenplum and Redshift.
  • Improved database browser for Postgres.

Released: Jun 2, 2023

Updates in v23.06.02.1


  • Added support for LDAP authentication in the GUI, as well as a general overhaul of the authentication system used by the central manager.
  • Added an option to upload logs directly to a write-only S3 bucket for Heimdall support.
  • Explicit support for Google AlloyDB is now included, including cluster tracking support.
  • Removed the ability to limit logins from particular IP ranges from the user objects, as firewall rules were typically used for this.
  • Improved the filters for various log types...

Released: Mar 30, 2023

Updates in v23.03.21.3


  • Adjusted default 'preferQueryMode' to be extended, to avoid cases that could trigger an OOM on PostgreSQL.
  • Added support for Systemd service watchdog. This requires a full image update to activate.
  • Added support for proxy port ranges in the format 'start-end'.

Released: Feb 15, 2023

Updates in v23.02.15.1


  • Revert to the older Postgres streaming driver to avoid OOM (Object-oriented modeling) issues.

Released: Feb 14, 2023

Updates in v23.02.14.1


  • Augmented status tab with traffic metrics on what source served a query (reader/writer/cache) and connection reuse statistics.
  • Provided average connect times in connection pool information via show pools and JMX stats.
  • You can now hide disabled VDBs on the status tab.


  • Resolved several issues with SQL Server prepared statements.  Please note–using the MS SQL Server JDBC driver 4.x and earlier is not advised, as it can cause issues.  Please upgrade to a newer JDBC driver for full...

Released: Jan 3, 2023

Updates in v23.01.03.1


  • Added more tests.
  • Now includes per-user pool statistics in JMX.
  • Allow PostgreSQL warnings, generated before a result-set, to be reported in real-time.
  • Improved table name extraction, in particular with joins followed by a “(” character.
  • Added support for Oracle Cloud default passwords and license handling.
  • You can now log info on which TLS cert is used at proxy level to assist with debugging.
  • Provided metrics for concurrency controls.
  • Added statistics for read/write split to JMX...

Released: Jan 29, 2022

Updates in v22.x


Updated Sep 26, 2022


  • Added 'named' throttle and concurrency support, allowing per-user throttling and active query limits.
  • Added support for regular expression matching on API invalidations (via HTTP API).
  • Added support for regular expression matching for most metadata rules.
  • Initial beta support for row deletion capabilities and data masking.
  • Added Greenplum proxy (behaves as Postgres proxy for now).


  • Resolved issue that could prevent a proxy from logging to the...

Released: Jan 24, 2021

Updates in v21.x


Updated Dec 21, 2021


  • Libraries have been updated, including the removal of all libraries under the CDDL, MPL, EPL and GPL w/ CPE licenses. This is to simplify the release process for GCP, due to their strict interpretation of how these licenses need to be handled.
  • Added parameter consolidation change to simplify queries with a large number of parameters.


Updated Dec 14, 2021


  • Due to a new version of log4j being released to completely fix the security...