About HttpWatch

In-browser HTTP sniffer.

HttpWatch is an advanced network debugger for Chrome, Edge and IE. Quickly find network and performance issues with built in hints and warnings. HttpWatch integrates with Chrome, Edge and Internet Explorer browsers to show you the HTTP and HTTPS traffic that is generated when you access a web page.

Become a debugging and web performance guru with the ultimate in-browser HTTP sniffer.

  • Find and Fix Network Issues
    • Debug the network traffic generated by a web page directly in the browser without having to switch to a separate tool.
  • Speed Up Your Website
    • Accurately measure the network performance of a web page and view opportunities for boosting its speed.
  • Simple to Use, No-Proxy Setup
    • No extra configuration or proxies are required - even with encrypted HTTPS traffic.
  • Security Testing
    • Quickly find weak SSL configurations and other security related issues on your web server.
  • Diagnose Problems Remotely
    • Anyone can use the free Basic Edition to send you full log files to help you remotely diagnose errors or performance issues.
  • Automate HTTP Testing
    • Use the HttpWatch API to collect performance data from your automated web site tests.