About Hv Manager

Manage Hyper-V servers and virtual machines through a Web-based user interface.

Hv Manager is an easy to configure Web-based management tool for Hyper-V servers. It provides the main functionality of Hyper-v manager over the web interface. Hv Manager can be installed on a server with enabled Hyper-v role, including Server Core and Nano installations. The web UI allows users to access virtual machines from web enabled devices.

Hv Manager provides secure and multi-user web access to Hyper-V virtual machines. It allows you to monitor basic resources of server state such as CPU, Memory, Network, and Disk Usage. HV Manager provides a web interface for servers without a GUI: Microsoft Hyper-V Server, Server Core, and Nano. You could assign virtual machines to users and groups and configure NTLM authorization for Windows users. Suitable for small and large businesses and cloud service providers.


  • Management of local and remote Hyper-V servers.
  • Web access via encrypted HTTPS connection.
  • Connecting virtual machines via RDP WEB console.
  • Assigning virtual machines to users and groups.
  • Claims-Based authorization of Windows users and groups.
  • User and application audit event logs.
  • Support for Windows Server 2012 r2 / 2016, including Server Core, Server 2016 Nano, and Windows 10 installations.