Setup Factory Releases

Released: Jan 4, 2019

Updates in 9.5.3


  • Fix: Fixed a bug where Setup Factory's design environment was incorrectly declared as DPI-aware in its manifest. This caused the interface to scale poorly in high dpi environments.
  • Fix: Enabled GDI scaling on Windows 10 (1703) or later for Setup Factory's design environment. This improves how the interface looks in high dpi environments.
  • Fix: Fixed screen previews on Windows 10 (1703) or later when GDI scaling is enabled.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in the 'File.Install', 'File.Copy' and 'File.Move'...

Released: Jul 31, 2018

Updates in 9.5.2


  • Fix: Fixed an issue where Setup Factory silent installs would fail on Windows Server OS's without a GUI due to the system file 'oledlg.dll' not being present. This fix only applies to silent installs. Setups with an interface still require that system component.
  • Fix: Made a change to Setup Factory's launcher to prevent possible DLL hijacking of system files if nefarious copies were placed in the same folder as the setup when launched. The issue was related to the default search order for...

Released: Mar 3, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in v9.5.1

  • Feature: Added SHA-256 code signing support.
  • Feature: Added the ability to dual-sign setups (SHA-256 and SHA-1).
  • Feature: Added a password field for the code signing certificate(s).
  • Feature: Added a few items to the System.GetOSProductInfo action's constants.
  • Change: Removed support for signing with signcode.exe, instead use signtool.exe.
  • Fix: Made several changes in order to prevent errors that may occur due to anti-virus scanning when launching the setup and installing files...

Released: Mar 18, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in v9.5

  • Added Windows 10/Server 10 support.
  • Updated the System.GetOSProductInfo action with 16 additional constants.
  • Improved the resizing behavior of the Control Panel tab of the Uninstall Settings dialog.

Released: Jul 9, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in v9.3.1

  • Support for Right-to-left text on the Setup screen.
  • Fixed a bug where importing language files would not save it's location.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'All Future OSs' OS condition checkbox would fail to load it's saved state correctly.
  • Fixed a bug loading and saving OS conditions (file and system requirements).
  • Implemented resizing of the Operating System checkbox tree on the Requirements tab of Project Settings.
  • Changed the Windows Installer 4.5 dependency module's detection...

Released: Oct 18, 2013

Updates in this release

Updates in v9.2.0

  • Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 support.
  • Fixed a bug where 32-bit PNG images would not be properly converted to 24-bit.
  • Fixed a bug in the DlgSelectPackages.UpdateDisplay action, where session variables would not be properly expanded when updating the tree control.
  • Fixed a redrawing issue with the Scrolling Text screen control on Windows 8.
  • Removed default creation of the project and output folders when running Setup Factory's design environment.
  • Fixed a bug in the...

Released: Jun 28, 2012

Updates in this release

Updates in v9.1

  • Support for Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and Windows Server 2012
  • Fixed a bug where 'Service Name' and 'Display Name' were incorrectly being compared in a case-sensitive manner
  • Fixed a bug where the descending sort order in Setup Factory's design file list wasn't working properly
  • Canceling during compression of a file now immediately cancels the build, instead of waiting for the compression to finish

Released: Jul 29, 2011

Updates in this release

Updates in v9.0.3.0

  • Added 2 new session variables, %LaunchUserName% and %LaunchUserDomain%
  • Added a new Debug.SendToFile action to let the developer store debug information in a text file, instead of being forced to write the information to the debug window
  • Fixed a bug where Edit Field controls using the Input mask Input Style were not using their session variable to properly initialize themselves
  • Added a warning to stop developers from entering invalid characters in the setup filename of the...

Released: Apr 5, 2011

Updates in this release

Updates in v9.0.1.0

  • Fix: Updated the IRScriptEditor to version 2.0.1000 which contains Lua 5.1 syntax checking.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug where the DlgListBox.GetItemProperties action could not retrieve the ItemData properly.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug where the ComboBox control could lose it's item data leaving a screen and then returning to it.
  • Fix: Added syntax support to the code editor for new Lua 5.1 operators.

Released: Feb 4, 2011

Updates in this release

Updates in V9.0

  • NEW! Native 64-Bit Runtime
    As development of native 64-bit applications continue to grow, take comfort in the fact that Setup Factory has you covered for your distribution needs. Setup Factory now allows you to generate 64-bit setups in addition to 32-bit. Whether you have 64-bit applications ready to go, or just want to be prepared for the future, Setup Factory will be ready and waiting to make your life easier.
  • NEW! LZMA2 Data Compression
    With Setup Factory 9's improved LZMA...