About Indigo Rose Software Deployment Suite

Complete package of top-tier software deployment tools.

IndigoRose Software Deployment Suite includes AutoPlay Media Studio, MSI Factory, Setup Factory, TrueUpdate and Visual Patch. Be prepared for any situation, and outfit your whole team with Indigo Rose’s complete package of top-tier software deployment tools. You’ll save both time and money.

Software Deployment Suite includes:

  • AutoPlay Media Studio - An award-winning, visual approach to multimedia software development makes it easy for anyone to create their own software applications. Create CD/DVD autorun menus, interactive presentations, training applications and other custom multimedia software in a drag-and-drop environment.
  • MSI Factory - The installer builder for you, if you need to create .MSI format setup packages. It’s the only visual setup builder to fully leverage Microsoft’s next generation Windows Installer XML (WiX) compiler technology for creating 100% pure MSI format installer packages in a faster and more intuitive way.
  • Setup Factory - A trusted and reliable way to make software installers for your Windows software applications. Unlike other installer builder tools that require week-long training courses in order to get up to speed, Setup Factory was designed to be fast and easy to use. Simply drag and drop your files onto the project window and you’re ready to build.
  • TrueUpdate - Lets you easily add an automated software updating system (i.e. ‘Check for Update’ feature) to your software. The TrueUpdate client can be integrated quickly and easily into new and existing software product, regardless of the installation, patching or deployment solutions being used. Works with any standard web server.
  • Visual Patch - Creates exceptionally small and secure binary patch files for your software products. Features state-of-the-art binary differencing and compression algorithms, combined with a powerful full history patching engine. Pair it with TrueUpdate for a totally automated Internet software updating solution.