IP*Works! ActiveX COM Edition

/n software IP*Works! is a collection of components optimized for Internet communication. Functionality includes email, network management, FTP , telnet, and HTTP, and more. IP*Works! includes new higher level components such as Web Upload, WebForm, FileMailer, TraceRoute, and more. Includes sample ASP pages demonstrating how to access web services such as Yahoo Stock Quotes and UPS Address Verification.

IP*Works! ActiveX edition contains 32 bit ActiveX Components optimized for the Internet. Add email, network management, file transfer, telnet, and HTTP, and more to applications. These components are small, with no dependencies on external libraries. They can be used from Visual Basic, and all other environments that support ActiveX Controls (MS Access, FoxPro, etc.).

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IP*Works! V9 ActiveX COM Edition released
IP*Works! V9 ActiveX COM Edition released
Build XML markup using a simple interface that provides granular control of XML creation.

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