IronOCR for .NET

IronOCR for .NET enables software engineers to read text content from images & PDFs in .NET applications and Web sites. Read text and barcodes from scanned images, supports multiple international languages and output as plain text, structured data or searchable PDFs. Iron Software’s OCR library can be used inside MVC, Web, console and desktop .NET applications. Licensing available for commercial deployments with support directly from the development team.

IronOCR Features

  • IronOCR reads Text, Barcodes & QR from all major image and PDF formats using the latest Tesseract 5 engine. This library adds OCR functionality to Desktop, Console and Web applications in minutes.
  • IronOCR's Unique Features:
    • Pure .NET OCR API.
    • All OCR tasks run locally (no SAAS).
    • 127+ languages.
    • Barcode & QR Code reading.
    • Corrects low quality, noisy and distorted scans.
    • Performance tuned above and beyond any other known build of Tesseract OCR.
    • Reads PDFs.
    • Reads multi-page...

Latest News

IronOCR for .NET 2023.3.2
IronOCR for .NET 2023.3.2
Improves reliability when reading text from PDFs.
IronOCR for .NET 2023.1
IronOCR for .NET 2023.1
Adds the ability to read text only for a specific color.
IronOCR for .NET 2022.12.10830
IronOCR for .NET 2022.12.10830
Adds support for .NET 7 and improves reading of 'noisy' images.
IronOCR for .NET 2022.11.10109
IronOCR for .NET 2022.11.10109
Improves platform compatibility and deployment.
IronOCR for .NET 2022.10.9390
IronOCR for .NET 2022.10.9390
Use machine learning technology to detect regions which may contain text.
IronOCR for .NET 2022.8.8198
IronOCR for .NET 2022.8.8198
Adds new method for applying multiple filters at once.

Prices from: $ 734.02

All licenses are perpetual and are valid for dev/staging/production. Lite - Grants the use of the Iron Software by a single software developer in an organization in a single location. The Iron...

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Iron Software
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Component Type
  • .NET Framework 4.6.2+
  • .NET Standard 2
  • .NET Core 2x and 3x
  • .NET 5, .NET 6 and .NET 7
  • Mono for MacOS and Linux
  • Xamarin for MacOS

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