IronOCR enables software engineers to read text content from images & PDFs in .NET applications and Web sites. Read text and barcodes from scanned images, supports multiple international languages and output as plain text or structured data. Iron Software’s OCR library can be used inside MVC, Web, console and desktop .NET applications. Licensing available for commercial deployments with support directly from the development team.

IronOCR Features

  • Read text and barcodes from scanned images and PDFs.
  • Supports multiple international languages.
  • Output as plain text or structured data.
  • Designed for C# VB.Net, .Net.
  • Image to Text OCR for Visual Studio - Pass IronOCR single or multi page scanned images to receive all text, barcode, & QR content in return. The OCR library provides a set of classes to add OCR functionality into Web, Desktop or Console .Net Applications. Input formats can include PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and...

Latest News

IronOCR v4.4.0
IronOCR v4.4.0
Improves support for OCR crop regions, plus improves OCR accuracy for skewed and low DPI scans or images.
IronOCR v4.3.0.1
IronOCR v4.3.0.1
Improves speed and stability, plus reduces memory load by 75%.
IronOCR v4.2.2.51
IronOCR v4.2.2.51
Adds cropping functionality to AutoOCR.
IronOCR v4.2.1.5
IronOCR v4.2.1.5
Adds multilingual package support, plus async multithreading for improved performance.

Prices from: $ 391.02

All IronOCR licenses are perpetual without any yearly fees. Development, Staging and Production servers are covered at no additional cost. Single Project License - Licenses a single web application...

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