Javonet Releases

Released: Feb 12, 2018

Updates in 1.5


  • Support for .NET developers who want to use Java packages in .NET desktop and Web applications - It is now possible to load any JAR file from a .NET application and utilize the classes, objects, types, methods and logic stored in those packages:
    • Adding references to Java Jar packages.
    • Loading Java types.
    • Creating instances of Java objects.
    • Calling instance and static methods.
    • Setting and getting instance and static fields.
    • Built-in data types conversion for arguments and results...

Released: Apr 4, 2017

Updates in 1.4 HF34


  • Retrieve mixed arrays of value and complex types as a method result.
  • Added revalidate method on NControlContainer to refresh the .NET user control layout after programatical change in Java layout.
  • Retrieve value type arrays to populate within the .NET method with “out” argument.
  • Increase performance of get/set properties by implementing hard-wired pointers to the .NET side.
  • Added caching on indexed fields operations to increase performance.

Released: Nov 29, 2016

Updates in 1.4 HF29


  • Improves the ability to load .NET DLLs in your Java application from a byte array to properly handle dependency libraries.
  • Now you can request universal pre-activate license file that can be embedded with your application and distribute the application with new hardware keys without updating the license file.


  • Fix for using custom license directory when running Javonet with Java 1.6.

Released: Sep 28, 2016

Updates in 1.4 HF25


  • Added support for hardware USB dongles to allow easy transition of javOnet enabled software and javOnet licenses between different machines or during machine upgrade.
  • Added support for multi-machine license files to allow using single offline pre-activated license files on multiple machines or across multiple hardware USB dongles.
  • Added the possibility to add references to .NET DLL files using byte arrays instead of local path or GAC name.

Released: Sep 14, 2016

Updates in 1.4 HF24


  • Improved performance invoking methods with enum arguments.
  • Added support for scalable licensing models.
  • Improved the error message when there is no matching method found. The error message includes the arguments detected based on user input and more detailed expected method signature.
  • Added support to properly choose the method when there is only one overload with matching number of arguments and all passed arguments are null of unknown type.
  • Added new method on Javonet object...

Released: Aug 27, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 1.4 HF15

  • Host WinForms or WPF User Controls in AWT, Swing and JavaFX - New NControlContainer class hosts any .NET user control directly in a Java UI. Because the class inherits from the Panel class, it can be added to any Java UI object including Frame, Panel, Grid, Layout components and others.
  • Pass NEnum Objects for Methods Expecting Arguments Passed by Reference - NEnum is the class that represents the .NET enum value in your Java code. All you have to do is wrap the instance with...