Jscrambler ensures your JavaScript application is tamper-proof and works exactly how you developed it. JavaScript is an interpreted language and with more and more logic being put on the client-side and its growing popularity there's a need to make sure it is protected from theft and tampering. Jscrambler allows you to apply a number of different layers of security to your app that protect it from runtime code modifications and ensure its integrity. Your JavaScript app will have self-defensive capabilities and will be able to fight any reverse-engineering or tampering attempts that can hurt your revenue and business. Also, your intellectual property and sensitive algorithms will no longer be at risk and your users will have the experience you designed.

JavaScript Obfuscation
Jscrambler offers advanced JavaScript Obfuscation techniques that combined with polymorphic behavior, transform your application into a form that is protected against reverse-engineering using automated static analysis attacks. Not to be mistaken with Minification which does not actually protect your code and can be reversed with simple tools found online.

Code Traps
Jscrambler goes way beyond obfuscation. It leverages it by installing a large number of different code...

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Jscrambler 5.2
Jscrambler 5.2
Protect IP, sensitive logic and data with advanced obfuscation techniques.
Jscrambler v4.0
Jscrambler v4.0
JavaScript security solution for mobile, desktop, HTML5 and Node.js.

Prices from: $ 999.60

Jscrambler is licensed on an annual basis, to continue to use the Jscrambler service after the initial 12 months you will need to renew your subscription plan. There are a number of different plans...

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