About KeepTool Professional

Intuitive Oracle database tools.

KeepTool contains tools designed to streamline design, administration and program development. It includes functionality for viewing tables, writing queries, comparing databases and debugging PL/SQL code. KeepTool includes the following tools: Hora, Reverse DB, SQL Editor and DB Doc.

KeepTool Professional includes:

  • Hora
  • Reverse DB
  • SQL Editor
  • DB Doc

Hora - Offer both developers and administrators a wealth of ways to view and manipulate databases. Most Hora page layouts include an overview data grid, that displays the main object (i.e., tables) including its metadata. Subsequent detail tabs show subordinate objects such as table columns, constraints, indexes, triggers, and so on. Each data grid has a context menu that offers operations for maintaining the displayed object and includes operations like ‘create’, ‘alter’, ‘drop’ and ‘show DDL’.

Reverse DB - The Reverse DB Engineer creates the entire DDL for all objects of a database schema or any arbitrary subset. You can call Reverse DB in batch mode for periodic backup of your database structure or to check-in the script into a source code version management system. DDL statements for database objects are ordered by dependency. This avoids errors that could occur if a referenced object has not been created yet.

SQL Editor - A powerful text editor for SQL and Oracle PL/SQL that comes with syntax highlighting as well as the capability to execute single SQL commands or batch-execute SQL scripts.

DB Doc - The Generator builds an HTML page listing all metadata for a schema’s objects, including tables, views and PL/SQL program units. Tables and views list all columns and their attributes, constraints, indexes and triggers, along with any comments that have defined. DDL is included for views as is source code for PL/SQL objects. Hyperlinks connect related objects.