KEYZY provides an affordable end-to-end software licensing service on the Cloud for small and mid-size companies that develop software for Desktop / IoT / On-Premise / Hardware / Games. Generate, deposit and activate the licenses you need to run your business. KEYZY manages the people and their devices for software authorization. It provides APIs for online authorizations and a C++ client library for online/semi-online/offline activations/deactivations/validations allowing easy integration with your software. KEYZY has a WooCommerce plugin with which you can integrate your e-commerce store without typing code.

Brilliant license manager - Keyzy offers us the perfect license manager solution, very easy to manage, great value and the customer service has been second to none. Would thoroughly recommend.

Charlie Morgan, Owner & Creative Director, EVABeat

KEYZY is a cloud-based software licensing service.
As a cloud-based software licensing service, KEYZY Servers run smoothly and efficiently so you never need to worry about managing servers.
Forget about server costs, server problems or updates; they're already managed.
With KEYZY you can just use it; you don't need to worry about setup costs, everything is ready for you.

Automatically Manages Your Licenses
KEYZY automatically generates, deposits and activates licenses and helps you easily...

Latest News

KEYZY updated
KEYZY updated
Adds support for working with WooCommerce.
KEYZY updated
KEYZY updated
Adds support for upgrade licenses allowing your users to upgrade right in your software.
KEYZY now available from ComponentSource
KEYZY now available from ComponentSource
Software licensing, distribution and management made easy.

Prices from: $ 235.20

Licensed on a subscription basis per year. To continue to use the KEYZY Cloud Service you will need to renew your subscription each year. There are 3 Levels of Subscription to choose from depending on...

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As official and authorized distributors, ComponentSource supplies you with legitimate licenses directly from KEYZY.
Product Type:
  • Cloud Service
  • C++ Client Library