KEYZY Releases

Released: Apr 4, 2022

Updates in KEYZY


  • Added support for upgrade licenses:
    • When you add new licenses on the Licenses page, you need to specify whether those licenses are upgrade licenses or not. When they are upgrade licenses, you need to select which SKU to upgrade from.
    • Updated the WooCommerce Plugin. You now have an upgrade form. You just need to create a new page and use the new shortcode [keyzy-upgrade] in it. The webform handles the rest for your users.
    • Added an upgrade function to the C++ Client Library. Your users...

Released: Feb 17, 2020

Updates in February 2020 release


  • Affordable
    • KEYZY offers affordable subscription pricing without compromising on high-level software licensing management quality.
  • Easy-To-Setup
    • The user friendly C++ client library is a huge advantage for integrating KEYZY into your software.
  • Made for SMEs
    • KEYZY is tailor-made for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) selling software products online and in need of certain online and offline licensing solutions.
  • Strong Offline Activation
    • KEYZY was developed with the needs of...