Komodo IDE

IDE for Web and Mobile App development.

Published by ActiveState
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2017

Prices from: $ 893.76 Version: 11.1.1 Updated: Jan 8, 2019


Komodo IDE is now included as part of the ActiveState Platform functionality. You can create an account and download your Komodo software. All tiers include Komodo; the Coder, Team, Business and Enterprise tiers include Komodo as part of your paid Platform subscription.

Komodo IDE Releases

Released: Jun 21, 2018

Updates in 11.1


  • Language Server Protocol (LSP) support - allows you to add support for new languages.
  • Enhanced CodeIntel features and performance:
    • CodeIntel performance has been significantly improved (especially noticeable with PHP).
    • CodeIntel completions are significantly more robust.
    • CodeIntel now automatically detects doctypes.
    • CodeIntel adds support for custom Catalogs.
  • Automatic Workspace Restore has been significantly improved.
  • CPAN support in our Universal Package Manager.
  • New Print Debugging...

Released: Oct 31, 2017

Updates in 11.01


  • Clipboard manager: Fix caret position not updating when pasting.
  • Clipboard Manager: Mouse click breaks manager.
  • CodeIntel: Added unit test for some previous commits.
  • CodeIntel: Attempt to handle non-ascii-encoded code better.
  • CodeIntel: Auto-import all applicable PHP symbols into the current scope.
  • CodeIntel: call tips while typing pref not saving. #fixes 3175.
  • CodeIntel: CodeIntel now runs on instead of localhost.
  • CodeIntel: Completions now properly trigger on backspace...

Released: Oct 3, 2017

Updates in 11


  • Revamped Code Intelligence - Autocomplete is more robust and triggers from any position. The symbol browser focuses on simplicity, and you can quickly filter symbols using the new symbol list - all with overall faster performance.
  • Print Debugging - Now you can quickly toggle print statements as well as easily create them, simply by clicking the editor margin.
  • DevDocs.io Integration - Highlight any word or code snippet and trigger the relevant language docs in DevDocs.io from inside...

Released: Jul 25, 2017

Updates in 10.2


  • All New Unit Testing
    • ActiveState have rebuilt unit testing from the ground up to support a wider variety of frameworks and facilitate more productivity. You can run tests for major frameworks including PHPUnit (PHP), pytest (Python 2 and 3), Prove (Perl), Mocha (Node.js), RSPec (Ruby) and Go, as well as any frameworks that output in TAP or TeamCity compatible formatting.
    • New functionality enables you to filter test results, jump to test definitions and place breakpoints directly in your...