About LINQ Insight

Execute LINQ at design time.

LINQ Insight is a Visual Studio add-in that provides a complete set of tools that make LINQ/ORM development faster and easier, and helps you to produce more efficient data access code. It allows executing LINQ queries at design-time directly from Visual Studio without starting a debug session, allowing you to test queries instantly after you write them. LINQ Insight also provides a powerful ORM profiler tool for profiling the data access layer of your projects and tracking all the ORM calls and database queries from the ORM.

LINQ Insight Features

  • Design-time LINQ Query Execution - LINQ queries at design-time. Unlike different LINQ debug visualizers, LINQ Insight does not require you to start debugging and step to the LINQ query execution for viewing returned data and generated SQL. Benefits:
    • Test your LINQ queries instantly after you write them
    • Estimate the query complexity analyzing the generated SQL
    • Check if the query returns correct data
  • Powerful ORM Profiler - LINQ Insight offers you LINQ Profiler - a powerful tool that allows you to profile your projects and track all the ORM calls and database queries from the ORM. It enables you to see the performance of the data access code and easily determine performance bottlenecks. Benefits:
    • Get insight into all the interaction with ORM and database
    • Measure performance of your data access code and analyze it easily
    • Start profiling instantly without the need to modify your project
  • Supported LINQ Providers
    • LINQ to Entities (Entity Framework)
    • LINQ to NHibernate
    • LINQ to SQL
    • LinqConnect
    • LINQ to XML
    • LINQ to Objects
    • RavenDB