About LogViewPlus

Quickly parse and analyze log files with this professional log viewer.

LogViewPlus was built specifically for viewing application log files. It excels at this because it parses your log files which means that LogViewPlus understands what it is looking at and can give you filtering options beyond those available in a typical text editor so you can find and fix bugs faster. It can auto-detect logging formats and also works with live data by tailing the log file. By default LogViewPlus has six different parsers, Basic, Pattern, JSON, XML, Log4Xml and DSV, and you can also write your own customized log parser.

LogViewPlus Features

  • Quick Filters - Because your log file is parsed and not just a bunch of text, LogViewPlus knows which log entries are interesting. Want to see where your program went wrong? Just open LogViewPlus and select 'Filter Errors and Warnings'.
  • Combine Log Files - You can open as many log files as you need and press a button to combine them. When the log files are merged, they are automatically sorted by date - exactly as if all the information was written to a single log file.
  • Tail for Windows - Track what is happening at ‘the bottom’ of a file. As new log entries are written to the file, you can immediately see the results in your log viewer.
  • Custom Filters - Parse every line of your log file and send the parsed result to your custom plugin. From there, you can analyze the entry however you wish.
  • Customer Parsers - Writing your own log parser that is compatible with LogViewPlus is extremely easy. There is even a sample project to get you started.
  • Easy Navigation - Anytime you are on a filtered view, you can double-click a log entry and go to the root log file.
  • Quick Statistics
    • The number of log entries parsed.
    • The number of threads detected.
    • The number of loggers detected.
  • Log File Management - LogViewPlus automatically remembers the last 20 files and directories you have accessed.
  • Large File Support - Divide large log files into sections and view the section you are interested in. Section sizes are set at 10 MB, 25 MB, 50 MB and 100 MB.
  • Look and Feel - LogViewPlus has a customizable layout.
  • Performance Tested - Every aspect of LogViewPlus – from the parsers to the GUI has been extensively performance tested. That means you spend less time loading your log files and more time analysing them.
  • View Log Files - Viewing log files in LogViewPlus unlocks a new level of functionality way beyond tail and grep.