MailBee.NET Objects Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for MailBee.NET Objects, please contact our Afterlogic licensing specialists.

One software license is required per developer.
Run-time royalty free.

Source Code - The source code requires a unique license key and installer to be sent to you by email. If you are purchasing with Source Code you are agreeing to the following statement:

"I agree not to redistribute this Source Code to third parties or otherwise make it available to public. This concerns the Source Code in both original and modified forms, as well as any parts of the Source Code."

If you do not agree to this statement then you should not purchase the with Source Code option.

  • The Source Code Addendum gives you the right to use the source code of the licensed software internally, thus enabling development of projects that require access to source code.
  • The Source Code Addendum allows unlimited, non-exclusive use of the source code of the licensed software within your company by the developers to whom the basic license is granted. You may not, however, distribute source code of the licensed software outside of your company.
  • You own any interfaces, derivative works, or other improvements to the licensed software that you develop. You retain sole and exclusive control over your improvements.
  • You may distribute your modified or improved version of the licensed software to others provided that it's shipped in executable form only and does not compete with AfterLogic products in any way.

Purchasing any product of AfterLogic entitles you to 1 year of free maintenance of that product since the moment of purchase. The maintenance includes all major and minor updates released for that product during the year and the standard technical support.
The maintenance period can be prolonged on annual basis.

Extended Support
Entitles you to high-priority helpdesk and e-mail support and extended trouble-shooting assistance for 1 year.
If combined with "2nd year maintenance", Extended Support for 2nd year is free.

MailBee.NET Queue is free for MailBee.NET Objects owners, please download the mailBee.NET Queue evaluation and use your exisiting MailBee.NET Objects License Key to license MailBee.NET Queue

License Agreements

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September 11, 2020