MailBee Objects IMAP

MailBee Objects IMAP enables developers to easily add IMAP4 capabilities to their Windows or classic ASP applications. The component supports message search and checking new/read/unread status (all of the above - without downloading entire messages or even message headers). All the basic features are fully supported as well - preview messages, download, parse and manage messages and mailboxes (folders). The component can be used in any ActiveX-aware language such as classic ASP, VB, Delphi, C++, etc.

MailBee Objects IMAP Features

IMAP4 Object

  • Supports Office 365, Gmail, and other providers..
  • Retrieves entire message, message header, message header and part of message body, message envelope and body structure.
  • Searches messages that match specified criteria.
  • Retrieves, selects and manages mailboxes (supports SPECIAL-USE, XLIST, CHILDREN extensions which enable special folder flags like Sent, Drafts, Spam, Trash).
  • Copies, uploads, sets flags, deletes messages on the IMAP4 server.
  • Moves...

Latest News

MailBee Objects v9.4.1
MailBee Objects v9.4.1
November 28, 2022New Version
Now includes OAuth 2.0 support for Microsoft Office 365 accounts.
MailBee Objects v9.4
MailBee Objects v9.4
October 21, 2021New Version
Adds experimental TLS 1.3 support.
MailBee Objects IMAP v9.3
MailBee Objects IMAP v9.3
September 29, 2020New Version
Adds support for OAuth 2.0.
MailBee Objects v9.2
MailBee Objects v9.2
August 1, 2019New Version
Improves IPv6 support and adds IMAP4 UIDPLUS extension support.
MailBee Objects IMAP v9.1
MailBee Objects IMAP v9.1
October 25, 2017New Version
Adds SHA256 signatures to all .DLLs (in addition to SHA1 signatures).
MailBee Objects 9.0 released
MailBee Objects 9.0 released
June 30, 2015Feature Release
New version adds improved message parsing and attachment processing.

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  • ActiveX OCX

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