About MDriven

Powerful model driven application development tools.

MDriven is software modeling, prototyping and execution made easy. You do not need to know Java or C# to fully test your ideas for advanced information handling. You just need to learn how to model and you will get instant gratification. Furthermore MDriven can take you all the way to a finished system – in the cloud or on your server – with web based user interface or/and with a rich client application.

MDriven Services

  • Model driven development – Faster with better quality and easier to maintain.
  • Start using it for definition today – use it for production when you are ready.
  • Prototype faster than ever with Turnkey technologies.
  • Document enterprise architecture to find the important associations between processes and information.
  • Use it as a proof of concept and prove your concepts before investing in them.

MDriven Products

MDriven Designer
MDriven Designer is a standalone windows application that allows you to model and design information systems. Models created with MDriven Designer rely heavily on standards as UML and OCL. You can execute your model with the MDriven Designer built in prototyper and you can upload your model to a MDriven Turnkey site to have a fully functional information system in the cloud.

Using MDriven Designer is very much like having a full stack software development team made out of software – it reacts in seconds – in does exactly what you say – it only questions you when you are inconsistent – it will do a good job of merging changes into existing information structures to keep data – it will follow every rule on how to create scalable normalized databases that are easy to read and understand – it will never get tired – and it is really fast.

MDriven Server
MDriven Server is an IIS hosted web-application. The UI of MDriven Server is intended for developers/administrators of an MDriven System.

The MDriven Server can receive models from MDriven Designer – it will maintain a SQLCompact, SQLServer or MySQL database and implement all the necessary logic for client to client synchronization. The MDriven Server also implements an ability to execute periodic declarative jobs server side. These jobs are fully defined on the model level in MDriven Designer.

MDriven Turnkey
MDriven Turnkey is an IIS Model Driven application that make use of all of the possibilities in MDriven Designer and Server. MDriven Turnkey is a new way to develop internet applications.

MDriven Turnkey is based on proven technologies like JQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, MDriven Framework, Azure and SQLServer.

MDriven Turnkey introduces a flexible use of AngularJS for rich javascript applications in the browser. It allows for WPF-partly-fat clients, for Xamarin app development and for Cordova app development.

The WEB-UI’s provided by MDriven Turnkey make use of standard Bootstrap rendering producing clean and readable HTML5. You choose on screen by screen basis to use MVC5/Razor or AngularJS for your displays.