Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 Releases

March 07, 2017

Updates in 2017


  • Develop: Navigate, write, and fix your code fast
    • New Installation Experience - A reduced minimum footprint for faster and more customizable installations, as well as support for offline installs.
    • Visual Studio IDE - A broad range of enhancements in Visual Studio 2017, including reduction in startup and solution load times, sign in and identity improvements, improved code navigation, open folder view, and connected services enable connections between your app and any service on-premises...
June 27, 2016

Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 Update 3

Microsoft are happy to announce the release of Visual Studio 2015 Update 3. One of the top issues reported in Update 2 was around high memory consumption. They addressed this issue in Update 3 RC, reached out to customers who had reported this issue, and received positive confirmation on the fix. In Update 3 you will see many such fixes addressing customer feedback around performance and stability.

Includes updates for:

  • Tools for Apache Cordova...