About /n software Workflow Activities

Provide robust enterprise ready Internet connectivity, secure messaging, and file transfer for Windows Workflow Foundation.

 /n software Workflow Activities for Windows Workflow Foundation includes activities that make it easy to integrate Internet capabilities into your workflow packages.  Based on the same core as the /n software BizTalk Adapters and built on top of the IP*Works! libraries, each activity includes multiple operations enabling you to integrate a full range of Internet capabilities into your workflow packages.

/n software Workflow Activities includes the following Activities:

  • FTP Activity - FTP Activity for with advanced firewall support. SSL & SSH Enabled (FTPS/SFTP) 
  • RSS Activity - RSS client Activity for consuming RSS feeds.
  • Secure Email Activities - Secure Email (SMTP/POP/IMAP) Activities.
  • Secure Shell (SSH) Activity - Secure Shell Remote Execution (SExec) Activity.
  • SMPP Activity - Short Message Peer-to-Peer SMS messaging Activity.
  • SNPP Activity - Alphanumeric paging Activity.
  • XMPP Activity - Jabber / XMPP Instant Messaging Activity.
  • Amazon Activity - Integration with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon SQS.
  • Zip Activity - Implements a PKZip-compatible zip compressor and decompressor.


  • Support for Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation
  • Fully-managed .NET activities written in pure C#.
  • Fully-integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio.