.Net Data Objects Releases

Released: Apr 18, 2017

Updates in V7.0


  • Added support for additional SQL reserved words.
  • Added new QueryField overloads to the Connection object.
  • Added support for SQLite 3.x databases.
  • Added support for Guid data types.
  • Added new OpenMode property (full support for Microsoft Access and partial support for SQLite).
  • Added support for Microsoft SQL server 2016.
  • Added Connection property to the SQLSelect, SQLUpdate, SQLInsert and SQLUpdate classes.
  • Removed support for IBM DB2 databases.


  • Fixed a bug with MySQL date/time...

Released: Jun 20, 2016

Updates in V5.0


  • Added Password and Position reserved words.
  • Added new QueryField… overloads.
  • Minor optimizations.