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.Net Subclass and Hook Objects

Easily and securely perform subclassing and hooking of windows in your .NET applications.

Published by Softgroup
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2007

.Net Subclass and Hook Objects

.Net Subclass and Hook Objects includes fast, small and lightweight wrapper classes that make subclassing and hooking windows easy and secure. Subclassing is a standard technique in Windows programming for customizing the behavior of a window. However, to wrap subclassing into a virtual function overriding it is an obscure technique unknown many Windows programmers. This is unfortunate, because there are many cases where using subclassing is the most elegant and clean way to solve some problems.

Included Classes:

  • SubclassApplication: provides application-wide messages subclassing. This class allows an application to capture a message before it is dispatched to a control or form.
  • SubclassClipboard: is a class that provides functionality for hooking a window to the clipboard chain.
  • SubclassKeyboard: is a class that provides system wide low-level hook keyboard.
  • SubclassMouse: provides monitor for mouse messages of entire system.
  • SubclassWindow: provides native subclass of windows...
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