Network Olympus Releases

Released: Jun 17, 2020

Updates in 1.8.0


  • New dashboard "Sensors/Actions" combining old "Sensors" and "Actions" dashboards.
  • Multi-selection filters for all columns in the new Sensor/Action widget.
  • New features for the HTTP Content sensor: authorization; ability to search for several strings (all or any) on the page; option to display the size of the received data in the Activity log.
  • New individual icons for notifications.
  • Indication of the current license usage on the status bar.
  • Starting with version 1.8.0, the license...

Released: Apr 23, 2020

Updates in 1.7.1


  • New "Continual" scheduler mode that simplifies continual execution of sensors, actions and scan tasks.
  • New settings: default interval values for the continual scheduler mode and default severity level for new sensors.
  • Monitoring reports for groups can now be filtered by devices and monitoring elements.
  • User settings and layout for dashboards and widgets are now unaffected after the program is updated.
  • Added the ability to renew or upgrade your current license from the built-in store in...

Released: Nov 18, 2019

Updates in 1.5.0


  • Added the ability to scan devices using the SSH protocol.
  • File and system sensors for SSH devices.
  • New SSH settings: custom port and option to use the standard port at the same time.
  • Added the ability to set default credentials for new scan tasks.
  • Device type is set automatically after a successful scan.
  • Hints for sensor and action badges: name, current status, state, schedule, time of last run, last result message, and current group for group sensors.
  • Quick transitions between objects...

Released: Jun 26, 2019

Updates in 1.3.2


  • Added improvements to scanner and an updated look for several widgets.

Released: Feb 21, 2019

Updates in 1.1.0


  • Interface adapted for mobile devices - The interface for mobile devices has been completely redesigned and has become much more convenient.
  • Improvements to the Network map widget - Multiple features were added to the Network map. The shapes can now be filled with different colors. Add or select the object and then select its border and filler colors on the control panel below the map. Every link connecting map nodes can now be given its own style and width. Most importantly, you can now...