ONLYOFFICE Docs Enterprise Edition with Mattermost Connector Releases

Released: Feb 26, 2024

Updates in v8.0.1


  • Document Editor
    • Fixed crash when clicking a comment inside a math equation.
    • Fixed crash when using the Insert caption feature with the Include chapter number option.
    • Fixed crash when inserting a copied image using Ctrl.
    • Fixed a problem with rendering collaboration highlight.
    • Fixed an issue with highlighting search results in some DOCX files.
    • Fixed display of highlighting a comment added to RTL text.
    • Fixed text label for Table of Contents in the RTL UI.
    • Fixed an issue with shaping text with...

Released: Jan 30, 2024

Updates in v8.0.0


  • All Editors
    • Moved 'adding a comment to the entire document' from the bottom of the comments panel to the settings button.
    • Added a button for adding a comment to the header of the comments panel similar to the button in the toolbar.
    • Added interface translation into Serbian (sr-Latn-RS, Serbian (Latin, Serbia and Montenegro)) and Arabic (ar-SA, Arabic - Saudi Arabia).
    • Added Indonesian language id-id (Indonesian (Indonesia)), en-id (English (Indonesia)) to the regional settings.
    • Added...

Released: Nov 21, 2023

Updates in v7.5.1 (1.1.3)


ONLYOFFICE Mattermost connector 1.1.3 has been released:

  • Added a link to docs cloud.
  • Updated vulnerable dependencies.

Released: Nov 9, 2023

Updates in v7.5.1


  • All Editors
    • Fixed print options (rang) tuning for documents and presentations.
    • Fixed opening files with size more than 100MB.
    • Fixed some issues with composite input.
  • Document Editor
    • Fixed crashing if equation contains "&" or "@" symbols.
    • Fixed crashing on transformation of some equations to Professional mode.
    • Fixed hanging of the editor after copied data is inserted and equation is added.
    • Fixed incorrect painting inserted Text Art.
    • Fixed autocorrection of the equation to the power...

Released: Oct 18, 2023

Updates in v7.5.0


  • All Editors
    • Interface scaling is now preserved for future sessions.
    • Added a menu for quick access to the most popular symbols to the button for inserting symbols.
    • Added support for SVG.
    • Added a setting to hide the toolbar for equation.
    • Added hints for images in SmartArt objects.
    • Added the ability to open files protected with a password in the embedded viewer.
    • Added the ability to edit points of the autoshape border to the right panel.
    • Added the support for 225 and 275 interface scaling...

Released: Jun 13, 2023

Updates in v7.4.x

v7.4.1 (1.1.2)

Updated Sep 1, 2023


ONLYOFFICE Mattermost connector 1.1.2 has been released:

  • Updated JWT lib.


Updated Jul 31, 2023


  • Document Editor
    • Added Chinese font size system (for Chinese Simplified).
  • All Editors
    • Improved algorithm for selecting color name on Draw tab palette.
    • Updated Chinese Traditional interface translation.
    • Added new Help pages in French.
  • Back-end
    • Added prefix support to example button.
    • Added connectivity via virtual paths.


  • All Editors
    • Fixed...

Released: Jan 31, 2023

Updates in v7.3.x


Updated Mar 15, 2023


  • Document Editor
    • Added support for handling adding complex fields.
    • Added a class for working with the Adding fields data.
    • Added the field ID to identify complex fields using plugins.
    • Added a method for plugins to remove the complex field wrapper.
    • Added a method for plugins to change editing restrictions.
    • Removed unnecessary check for ConvertContentView.
    • Added support for accepting/rejecting the new review change type.
    • Added support for the FORMTEXT fields as...