OraDump Export Kit Releases

Released: Jan 10, 2022

Updates in v8.1


  • Improved migration of spatial data (SDO_GEOMETRY).
  • Now supports SSL connections for PostgreSQL.
  • Verified support for Microsoft Azure PostgreSQL and Azure MySQL.

Released: Aug 31, 2021

Updates in v7.5


  • Added 64-bit version, the 32-bit version is no longer updated.
  • Added support for the latest MySQL and PostgreSQL authentication protocols.
  • Installer now opens installation folder on exit.
  • Improved spatial data types.
  • Improved migration of indexes.
  • You can now check privileges for creating files when migrating to local scripts.

Released: Aug 31, 2020

Updates in v7.3


  • Improved writing into Oracle database in OraDump-to-Oracle.
  • Improved support for unique constraints.


  • Misc fixes.

Released: Jun 17, 2019

Updates in v7.1


  • Added support for Oracle 18c data pump signature.
  • Added support for BINARY_FLOAT, BINARY_DOUBLE types.
  • Added support for INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND.
  • Added convert NUMBER(*,0) into BIGINT.

Released: Jun 11, 2018

Updates in v6.5


  • Big Data Support - piecewise writing in ord2mss, ord2pgs and ord2sql.
  • Option to synchronize existing database with data from Oracle dump file in ord2mss, ord2pgs and ord2sql.
  • Support for Oracle 12c data pump signature.
  • Option "NUMBER w/o precision -> bigint" in ord2mss, ord2pgs and ord2sql".
  • Option to specify MySQL charset and engine in ord2sql.
  • Option to export into PostgreSQL script in ord2pgs.


  • Fix: decimal values

Released: Oct 19, 2016

Updates in 6.3


  • Dump file context serialization.
  • Support for SQLT_NCO.
  • Improved support for TIMESTAMP(6) type.
  • Default values for export into T-SQL in ord2mss.
  • Option to specify schema and full replication mode in ord2mss.


  • Bugfixes (skip service/internal fields, shifted columns)

Released: May 30, 2016

Updates in v6.1


  • Improved algorithm for processing multi-part BLOBs in data pump format.
  • Support for array of user-defined types (type code = 123).
  • Improved support for sdo_geometry.


  • Fix: short numbers extraction via double.