PACE Packager Hub Releases

Released: Sep 20, 2023

Updates in 2.5


KPI Tracker

  • Measure the performance of your packaging team by using the new KPI Tracker. It precisely tracks the time an engineer spends for each order processing phase.
    • The KPI tracker allows you to define time metrics for each Order Type and each specific combination of attributes.
    • Time will be counted according to the project's working calendar, where you can set working hours, working days, holidays, etc.

Team's Work Analytics

  • The Reporting module has been re-designed and extended...

Released: Oct 13, 2022

Updates in 2.4


New SLA Tracker

  • Added new SLA Tracker module to enable engineers and customers to easily measure and meet Service-Level Agreements.
  • Customization lets you configure separate working calendars and SLA metrics for each Order Type of your project.

Improved View Filters

  • Added new filters for Orders and Packages enabling users to choose multiple options from a drop-down list instead of manually entering the values.
  • Different filter options are available depending on the selected projects and...

Released: May 26, 2022

Updates in 2.3


  • REST API for easy integration with any software ecosystem.
  • Extended automation with Bulk Edit operations.
  • Personalized user experience with Table Templates and Individual IDs Prefixes.
  • More automation with enhancements to Business Rules to leverage your workflow processes.
  • Advanced planning with the new Dashboard Customization options.

Released: Oct 7, 2021

Updates in 2.2


Business Rules

  • Added new Business Rules feature which aims to add automation to process flows and minimize manual work.
  • Your organization can adjust Business Rules explicitly to your needs and create only those that are relevant to your specific activities.
  • A Business Rule allows users to preconfigure a set of actions that the system will automatically perform if a certain combination of Order conditions is met and if the rule is invoked by the selected trigger.


  • Added a new...

Released: May 20, 2021

Updates in 2.0


Analytics with Dashboards, Reporting and Export

  • Added new Analytics module to PACE Packager Hub which allows you to get a comprehensive view of the current state of orders, balance your team’s workload in one or multiple projects and quickly export orders to CSV files for invoices and reports.
    • The Dashboard tab includes three widgets: Active and Completed Orders (in two views: list and calendar), Due Dates (for today and the next three days) and the Team Workload. The Dashboard view is...