About PACE Packager Hub

An end-to-end ecosystem for application packaging processes.

PACE Packager Hub is a modern workflow solution for application packaging teams. It is an end-to-end ecosystem for customer servicing, managing teams and application packaging processes: starting with the submitting a new packaging order and ending with downloading the delivered output package. It consists of Task Manager and Repository Manager modules.

PACE Packager Hub Features

  • Operates as a link between customers, supervisors, packaging engineers and the tools they use.
  • Pre-configured for packaging processes and based on best practices.
  • Provides extensive customization options.
  • Consists of an on-premise server with a web interface and desktop app client.
  • Includes Task Manager and Repository Manager:
    • Task Manager includes A-Z predefined templates and processes that enable clients to place and track orders in the system, while engineers can effectively manage workflow without missing anything important.
    • Repository Manager is a unified workplace for file and package management. It allows users to upload/download, review, store and share packages and their resources, taking advantage of a built-in file integrity system. Packagers can deliver final packages to customers in one click. At the same time, customers benefit from being able to easily download finished packages from the web portal.

PACE Packager Hub Benefits

  • Manage the complete lifecycle of orders and packages in one place.
  • Support for multiple isolated projects.
  • Pre-configured specific packaging processes.
  • Standardized and centralized tool-driven approach.
  • Unified workplace for package and file management.
  • Customizable automation for projects.
  • Central place for communication within the team and for customers.
  • Integration with PACE Suite or other software packaging tools.