About Pcloudy

No code unified app testing platform.

Pcloudy is a unified app testing platform that helps developers and testers ensure the quality and functionality of their applications across a wide range of devices and browsers. It provides a cloud-based infrastructure for manual and automated testing, offering access to thousands of real devices and browser combinations.

Pcloudy Features

  • Unifying Fragmented Tool Chain in App Testing - Develop, execute, and manage tests for your web, mobile, desktop apps and APIs in a single platform.
  • No Code Automation - Easily create and execute test cases without writing a single line of code.
  • Real Device Lab - Test Web and Mobile Applications on Real Devices.
  • Browser Lab - Test your Apps on every browser and OS combination.
  • Self Healing Cloud - Painless Test Maintenance with our AI based Self Healing Technology
  • Visual Regression Cloud - AI powered automated visual testing on cloud.
  • Test Management - Get a Holistic View on both manual and automated test cases.
  • Tests for All App Types - Test your entire digital stack like Mobile, Web, Mobile, Desktop and API.
  • DevOps Integration - Native connections with CI/CD tools for enhanced QA-Dev collaboration and automated testing.
  • Completes Testing Life Cycle - No code test automation, execution on 5000+ real devices and browsers and test management.
  • Streamlines Testing - Scale automation and gain full visibility across all projects with test management.
  • AI First Unified App Testing Platform - Use Pcloudy AI to manage your team's grunt work, enhance app quality, and create flawless digital experiences.