About pCloudy

Test Android and iOS apps on 500+ real Android and iOS devices.

pCloudy is a Cloud based Mobile App testing platform with more than 50,000 users across the globe. pCloudy is a single platform to offer full life cycle application testing for organizations from SMB to large enterprises to run tests on public, private cloud as well as on premise devices. Quality Engineering teams can run AI powered exploratory tests to automatically test the mobile applications over hundreds of real mobile devices and gives its users real time insights into the app behavior and performance. pCloudy supports Continuous development and testing of mobile apps through popular collaborative tools like JIRA and SLACK to deliver high-quality applications.

Access 500+ Android and iOS devices using pCloudy Public Cloud. Or, set up your own Private Cloud or On-Premise Lab to achieve unlimited scale.

pCloudy is a cloud based Unified App Testing Platform trusted by testers, QAs and developers in bettering the quality of apps, time-to-market and customer experiences. It is a full life-cycle app testing platform that focuses on developing cutting-edge features to simplify app testing and accelerate app deliveries. Manual, automation, crowd or bot tests can be performed on a single platform.

It's success in bringing down huge infrastructural costs and reduction in testing time by 200% has won the trust of various leading enterprises. 1000's of scenarios against 20 OS versions and 100+ device models can be run at the same time. pCloudy provides On Premise, Private and Public device cloud solutions which enterprises can choose from based on their needs.

pCloudy's continued evolution means it now offers a complete digital assurance platform where testing apps on all digital channels, such as mobile, mobile web and IOT is possible. It has also been recognized by top industry analysts including Gartner and Forrester who included it in their reports on the mobile testing tool landscape.

Live Testing of Mobile Apps

  • Remote Access of Devices
    Access a device remotely and use it a like physical device. Use gestures, make calls, send texts and much more; exactly the way you do with a device in hand.
  • Multi-Device Testing
    Perform manual app tests on multiple devices simultaneously. One of it’s kind feature on a device cloud.
  • Testing of apps by real users
    Get your App tested by real users before the app launch. Get coverage across countries, language, OS, handset or carrier.

Test Automation

  • Appium Runs
    Run your Appium scripts on pCloudy real devices directly from your local system. Parallel runs on devices are just a piece of cake.
  • Automation Studio
    Not comfortable with Appium? Don’t worry, wse pCloudy's Automation Studio to create automation scripts without writing a single line of code.

AI Assisted Exploratory Testing

  • Test Using Bots
    Upload your App and relax. Our bots will run a variety of tests on multiple devices and get a comprehensive health check of your App in no time.

Mobile DevOps

  • APIs
    Use the pCloudy powerful REST APIs to integrate with any CI/CD tools. Integrate with automation frameworks to create a powerful CI/CD pipeline.
  • Plugins
    Use standard plugins for Jenkins and CircleCI to integrate to your CI environment and trigger test automation directly from CI.


  • Test, capture and share! Speed up collaboration within teams by using our JIRA or SLACK plug-ins.

Desktop Web Testing

  • pCloudy's Browser Cloud enables user to test desktop web apps on various browsers-OS combinations to ensure that it is working across all platforms.

Device Planner

  • This tool allows users to select devices effortlessly based on their specific needs.