About PDFlib pCOS

PDF Information Retrieval Tool.

PDFlib pCOS provides a simple and elegant facility for retrieving any information from a PDF document which is not part of the page contents. For example, PDF metadata, interactive elements (links etc.), or page dimensions can easily be queried with pCOS. With pCOS you can extract a variety of interesting items and create output for different purposes. By processing multiple PDF documents with a single call you can easily create summaries of document info entries, page formats, fonts, or any other property. Combined with tabular output this provides a powerful PDF administration tool.

PDFlib pCOS - PDF Information Retrieval Tool
There are many every-day pCOS applications for PDF practitioners, but you can also use PDFlib pCOS as a tool for learning or debugging PDF. Here are some typical scenarios:

  • Check incoming documents for predefined criteria
  • Identify problem files in a large collection
  • Create metadata summaries for document management
  • Quality assurance before publishing documents
  • Document retrieval and repository workflows
  • Summarize the bookmarks
  • Extract components of PDF documents, e.g. ICC profiles
  • Check PDFs for security problems (JavaScript etc.)