About RadiantQ jQuery Gantt

Add interactive gantt charts to your Web applications.

RadiantQ jQuery Gantt Package includes rich and interactive Gantt widgets that were natively built in jQuery for fast performance and a professional look and feel. This truly cross-platform solution works in mobile, tablets and desktop. Compatible with KnockOut, jQuery-Templates and all common patterns and practices. MVC Extensions will make the ASP.NET developer feel very much at home. Ideal for visualizing a hierarchical-task list or a resource-utilization view.

JQuery Gantt Rich Visualization
The Gantt widgets fully exercises the power of the JQuery platform and provides you with rich and customizable visualization and interactive capabilities with great graphics and animation.

JQuery Gantt Native JQuery Implementation
Written natively for JQuery, the widgets are lightweight and high performing. It provides cross platform support (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, etc,). The Gantt also uses virtualized rendering to be able to handle thousands of tasks.

JQuery Gantt Intuitive Data Binding
You can easily bind a database table or any list within the Gantt widget. Mapping your data source fields to the widget is easily done declaratively in HTML. Binding JSON data sources is fully supported. Using KnockOut as your ViewModel is fully supported.

JQuery GanttBuilt-in Resource Assignment Capabilities
JQuery Gantt includes advanced resource assignment capabilities including a built-in checkbox dropdown to assign multiple resources to a task. Multiple resource assignment can automatically adjust the duration of a task based on whether you create Effort Driven or Fixed Duration scheduling. Built in Resource-Leveling capability also allows you to quickly shift the tasks so there are no conflicts.

JQuery Gantt Custom Schedules
Not all projects have a 24x7 schedule. It’s usually an 8x5 schedule, certainly where your resources are people. The Gantt Package allows you to specify custom schedules for your project, including down-times or holidays and automatically schedules tasks based on the project schedules, dependencies and the effort needed for a task.

JQuery GanttEffort Driven or Fixed Duration Scheduling
In Effort Driven scheduling, assigning multiple resources to a task automatically adjusts the duration for the task using the formula Duration = Effort / Units. Optionally, you can allocate a resource part-time or over-time with the ability to specify an allocation unit % value. Alternatively, setup Fixed Duration scheduling where the duration of a task does not change with resource assignment.

JQuery Gantt Task and Dependency Editing
Easily Indent and Outdent tasks to change their parent-child relationship. Context sensitive tooltips and information popups provide excellent usability to your end-users.

JQuery Gantt Critical Paths Support
Easily visualize activities that are part of the critical path to help you determine which activities could cause delays in your project completion.

JQuery Gantt Overlapped Tasks
Support for overlapped tasks allows you to clearly visualize any resource conflicts.

JQuery Gantt Customizable Appearance
RadiantQ jQuery Gantt Package includes a rich interactive UI (User Interface) based on standards like Microsoft Project, and is also fully customizable (via properties) and custom templates. Custom adorners support helps you render anything you want on the task bars via templates.

JQuery Gantt Culture Aware and Localizable
The widgets are fully culture aware and the internal text used is easily localizable.

JQuery Gantt Flexible Timelines
The gantt chart supports varying customizable time line headers. Use one or more of day, week, month or year based time line headers.