About RapidSpell Web ASP.NET

Spell checking for ASP.NET based web applications.

RapidSpell Web integrates automatically into web applications with minimal amounts of Javascript - which allows it to work easily with any page rendering technology (such as ASP.NET, MVC, AJAX, Razor, or just plain HTML files). RapidSpell also includes traditional ASP.NET server controls which can be used instead of the Javascript approach, to manually setup the spell check. The UI provides all the usual features, add, change, change all, ignore, ignore all, options and smart suggestions. It interactively checks ASP.NET text controls, any HTML text box component such as <textarea> and <input type='text'> as well as 3rd party components. The spell checker UI features an advanced preview pane to interactively highlight errors (with no post back). The spell checker accepts manual corrections, and also supports user dictionaries (either one dictionary for all users or separate user dictionaries). The included non GUI component provides core spell checker functionality at the middleware level, which means it is suitable for server applications as well as any console application.

Simple, but flexible, spell checking
Quickly integrate our refined web spell checker into your ASP.NET or ASP.NET Core web application. Keyoti have dedicated over a decade to spell checking controls for web developers.

Make it your own
The open, comprehensive API allows you to make RapidSpell Web work the way you want and fit your web application.

Use it with any framework
Whether Javascript is your thing or not, easily add the minimal Javascript code to your app, RapidSpell Web works on:

  • ASP.NET (aspx, ascx etc.)
  • MVC
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Razor
  • HTML
  • ASP
  • AJAX & more

Global reach
4 English language variations (US, UK, CA, AU) included free of charge with 17 extra dictionaries also available, including medical and legal. All of which can be modified.

Quick designer based usage with the flexibility of code-behind access
RapidSpell Web ASP.NET adds spell check functionality to your ASP.NET web applications and CMS. Simply drag-and-drop onto your aspx web page (Web Form) in Visual Studio or directly access the classes in a code behind page. No programming skills are required to use RapidSpell Web ASP.NET, with its strong Visual Studio design time support, making this control accessible to ASP.NET website designers.

Comprehensive ASP.NET text box support (plain, rich, custom)
Spell check any server or client side text boxes: <asp:textbox>, any Html text box component such as <textarea> and <input type='text'> and 3rd Party controls, such as Dart's ASP.NET PowerWEB TextBox, 'pinEdit' from Pintexx, 'HtmlTextBox' and more. The custom client side interface mechanism allows interaction with practically any component, for example flash based text boxes.

Minimal application footprint
By adding 2 <script src...> tags you automatically configure the spell checkers (as you type + dialog) to work with all text boxes in the form. Specific text boxes can also be ignored using nospell attributes or the Javascript API.

RapidSpell Web ASP.NET is a mature, fully featured ASP.NET spell checker.

  • Dialog and inline document highlighting.
  • ASP.NET Validator behavior.
  • Undo spelling corrections.
  • C# & VB.NET examples.
  • Spell checks ANY text box; Html, ASP.NET, 3rd Party Html Text Boxes.
  • All processing performed on server in one request.
  • Fast proprietary spellchecking algorithms.
  • Multilingual UI, just pick the language in Visual Studio.
  • Server farms are 100% supported, no special settings or configuration required.
  • Quality non-English, Medical and Legal dictionaries available.
  • Customizable dictionaries using Dict Manager.
  • Full customization of text, style, color and layout.
  • Broad browser compatibility , IE5+, Firefox 1+, Opera, Safari (on PC & Mac) and Android Browser.
  • We innovated the "no-post back interface".
  • Multiple text box spell checking with one click.
  • Client side scripting support.
  • Duplicate word detection.
  • Open API for full customization.
  • Multi-user or single-user user dictionaries.
  • Database user dictionary support.
  • High performance server cluster support.
  • 2 suggestions algorithms; Default phonetic or hashing spellcheck algorithm.
  • SSL safe.
  • Modal/Nonmodal popup mode or main page mode.
  • Malicious script filtering - 15 levels of filtration to choose from.
  • Used on 1000s of web-sites.
  • Built by a company with long term spell checker experience.
  • Free email support and free minor version updates (major version upgrades at discount rates).
  • Complies with Section 508 and W3C AA. Please view the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) which outlines the specific accessibility-related features.