About RayManageSofti

A New Generation of Software Deployment.

RayManageSoft is a comprehensive and automated suite to provide deployment and management functionality in the context of Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management. It offers operating system (OS) and software deployment as well as patch and security management across multiple hardware platforms and OS types. Automatically and centrally deploy OS and software applications, manage and monitor patches and patch releases and proactive deployment as required, control and manage roll-outs with advanced feature and deploy based on desired state (self- healing) as well as task-based. RayManageSoft reduces administrative overheads and support costs, increases corporte compliance and device control and improves end user productivity.

RayManageSoft (RMS) Top Benefits:

  • Reduces administrative overheads and support costs
    • Automatically deploys OS and software applications
    • Sets up processes for patch management on multiple platforms
    • Monitors software rollout activities (rollout control)
    • Groups software applications in logical groups (Package Bundles)
  • Increases corporate compliance and device control
    • Configures standard server and desktop images
    • Easily manages locked-down environments
    • Proactive license control through the use of license counts
  • Improves end-user productivity
    • Reduces downtime due to manual deployment
    • Ensures users have access to the required applications at all times, everywhere
    • Restores systems quickly with the required software applications as defined by the customer (“Desired-State-Management“)

IT administrators today face many challenges in their desktop and security management tasks. One of them is the deployment of software applications to their end users. Organizations are experiencing a constant growth in the number of clients, with each user owning more than one device and being remote or mobile. Employees need to access their applications anywhere while Enterprises need to ensure a controlled approach to desktop management, security and compliance. The number of software applications itself is increasing and new operating systems are emerging faster, and with it the requirement for tighter patch management. Furthermore, IT departments are asked to do more with lower budgets, without impacting user productivity.

RayManageSoft infinity meets these administrative challenges by providing a unified OS and software deployment system. It helps reduce the cost of deploying and managing servers and desktops from a centralized location in your environment. The solution offers OS deployment, configuration and software deployment across many hardware platforms and OS types. RayManageSoft infinity also helps increase end-user productivity by automating the deployment process and increases IT efficiency through automated, repeatable deployment processes.

Reduces administrative overheads and support costs

  • Automates Windows deployment
  • Multi-platform support
  • Mapped driver deployment for single step OS deployment
  • Policy-based packages for ready to roll-out OS Images
  • Providing ADK technology to prepare a set of images ready for deployment
  • Compatible with MS SysPrep and 3rd party Imaging tools (e.g. Symantec Ghost)
  • Hardware profiles for driver deployment to support automated OS roll-outs
  • Customizable dashboard including statistic summaries and quick access points
  • Enhanced filtering, grouping and display of nested dependencies
  • Bulk operation functionalities

Increases corporate compliance and device control

  • Proactive patch management and monitoring of patch releases
  • Prevents execution of unwanted programs
  • Generates alerts when computer configurations expose security vulnerabilities
  • Defines and automatically applies security policies to managed devices
  • IT Asset Discovery & Inventory for both hardware and software assets
  • Collects complete hardware information including: Processors / cores, RAM, Disk space, etc.
  • Collects software evidence including file, MSI, ARP info and registry data for asset recognition
  • Comprehensive overview of discovered devices and their inventory
  • Enhanced roll-out control: allows a much more controlled roll-out in waves, giving administrators the opportunity to promptly react on unplanned events
  • Emergency stop for managed devices

Improves end-user productivity

  • Deploys software to desktops, Servers & laptops
  • Automates software updates and repairs
  • Manages software in remote or geographically distributed locations
  • Automated patch distribution triggered by given significant Events
  • Enhanced roll-out control: allows a much more controlled roll-out in waves, giving administrators the opportunity to promptly react on unplanned events