RayVentory Releases

Released: Jun 8, 2021

Updates in 12.2 SP2


  • New connectors - The following new data sources can now be extracted by dedicated RayVentory Data Hub connectors:
    • Adobe Sign.
    • Atlassian Trello.
    • Crowdstrike Falcon.
    • Datadog.
    • GitHub.
    • GitLab (cloud).
    • IBM License Metric Tool.
    • Invision Injixo.
    • Knowbe4 Security Awareness Training.
    • Microsoft 365 (sign-ins only).
    • New Relic.
    • PagerDuty.
    • Qlik Sense.
    • SurveyMonkey.
    • Vanilla Forums.
    • Zs Assoc.
  • Integrated transformation capabilities,  the ETL engine has been fully integrated into the extraction...

Released: Mar 10, 2021

Updates in 12.2


Scan Engine

  • New RayVentory Inventory Agent
    • Centralized/decentralized configuration through the Scan Engine.
    • New download option for configuration/schedule.
    • New UI for one or more configuration and schedule datasets.
    • New Usage Metering.
    • Citrix VDI Usage Plugin.
    • Improved SaaS discovery.
    • Terminal Server Usage.
    • XML-based configuration.
    • Certificate based authentication.
  • Detection of MSIX products - Zero-Touch Microsoft Windows Inventory can now detect MSIX products.
  • Last login/session...

Released: Jul 1, 2020

Updates in 12.0


  • RayVentory Portal is now called RayVentory Scan Engine.
  • Recognition and inventory of Docker instances.
  • RayVentory now has a multi-language UI and supports English and German.
  • Improved overview of Inventory Wizard and structured inventory logging.
  • Added new configurable option, which can be used to "tag" or annotate devices.
  • Configurable inventory health indicator.
  • Improved inventory viewer.
  • Improved logging of file scan on UNIX machines for better troubleshooting.
  • It is now possible to...

Released: Feb 1, 2020

Updates in 11.4 SP5


  • Added Task Scheduler option to distinguish between scanning unknown devices only or scanning all devices.
  • Improved stability and handling of edge cases in SNMP and discovery methods.
  • Added internal information about last update time for connection entities.
  • Added support for value placeholders, which can be dynamically injected to the results of hardware evidence.
  • Improved logging when troubleshooting Zero-Touch Unix Inventory scanning (RIU).
  • Added support for BEQUEATH connections for...

Released: Jul 31, 2019

Updates in 11.3


  • Automatic Creation of Connection Entries from vSphere Scan Results - This is a new option to automatically create the connection entries from the vSphere scan results. This greatly simplifies the process of the discovery, because the accurate data coming from the vSphere instance makes it easy to find the devices, operating systems, and types, without a need to import from Active Directory or unnecessary network traffic (pinging and port scanning). Once the virtual machines have been...

Released: May 14, 2019

Updates in 11.2


  • Import tnsnames.ora Files. New feature present in the Oracle screen. Within a click in the context menu, the user is able to simply import connections from tnsnames.ora. This routine bears similarities to the CSV importer, which is available for computer connections and which can be found in the Devices tab.
  • Plugin support for Remote Execution on Windows. Support for Remote Execution plugins for the Windows platform has been added to the ndtrack.exe. Simply put the plugins into the...

Released: Jan 22, 2019

Updates in 11.1


  • Major overhaul of the User Interface.
    • New wizards for Inventory and Discovery.
    • New view for connections (named Devices + Services in this release) with a visual overview of the asset.
    • New dashboard with quick facts about the assets.
    • New inventory viewer for inventoried devices.
    • Redesigned and reorganized Settings screen, grouping of similar functionalities.
    • Centralized place where notifications and quick actions are shown.
  • Configurable Detection of Device Types Discovered from Active...

Released: Jun 5, 2018

Updates in 11.0


  • Completely new design - In addition to the user interface redesign, which adapts to the look and feel of the modern RaySuite product line, Raynet has significantly improved user-friendliness and orientation for users.
  • New setup routine - With the new setup routine, the solution is installed fully automatically, including all software requirements, such as the database, the web server, etc. All installation and upgrade parameters can be configured intuitively via the new user interface...

Released: Jan 12, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 10.5

RayVentory Portal
The RayVentory Portal has been improved and now appears in the RaySuite standard design. RayVentory Portal is the entry point for all users and enables administrators to define one or more pre-configured projects for inventory tasks executable for end users and system administrators.


  • USB inventory option
  • Test connection dialog for Oracle databases and VMware servers
  • Recent dialog to access the latest inventories

RayVentory for network devices

  • The...

Released: Feb 10, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 10.4

  • Stability and quality improvement for Mac OS X, AIX and HP-UX inventories.
  • Import DHCP leases and reservations without a network scan.
  • Select report data from multiple domains at once.
  • Inventory support for Oracle Database 12c.
  • Support for running Oracle Review Lite scripts.
  • Support for Windows 2012, Windows 2012 R2 and SQL 2014.