About Rebex File Server

SFTP, SCP and SSH server component for .NET.

Rebex File Server is a SFTP, SCP and SSH server library for C# and VB.NET developers. Provides secure remote file system access over an SSH channel using the SFTP protocol. Makes it easy to create an SFTP server that can be used by Rebex SFTP or any third-party SFTP, SCP or SSH client.

Rebex File Server Features

  • SFTP/SCP server - Configuring and launching an SFTP or SCP server sounds like a complicated task. But Rebex File Server makes it simple. All you need to launch a full-featured server can be done in several lines of code. This includes binding to an IP/port, defining users, adding private keys, and more.
  • SSH shell server - Launch SSH server, use a predefined scp-ready shell or define your own custom commands. Now you are ready to accept SSH connections from users.
  • SSH port forwarding/tunneling server - Rebex File Server supports outgoing SSH port forwarding, which makes it for client possible to establish TCP tunnels through the SSH server, essentially using it as a proxy.
  • Custom file systems - Need to compose a virtual file system from multiple directories or access a custom file storage? Use one of the built-in file system providers or implement your own custom file system provider.
  • Based on open standards - Rebex File Server is based on SSH v2 and SFTP v3/v4, which makes it compatible with a wide range of third-party applications and libraries such as OpenSSH, WinSCP, PuTTY, and many more. As long as the client side speaks SSH, SFTP or SCP, Rebex File Server will happily accept a connection.
  • Security features - One of the main points of using SFTP is to ensure file transfers are secure and reliable. Rebex File Server provides a rich set of security features. You'll find APIs for verifying client identity and fine-tuning SSH parameters. PKCS8, PuTTY and OpenSSH private key formats are supported. You can easily generate a key pair for SSH authentication as well. Even private keys stored on smart cards are supported.
  • Easy-to-use API - The whole server API is lightweight. Need to manage a server, authenticate virtual users against your user database, or implement a shell command? It's easy and hassle-free.