Rebex Mail for .NET

Rebex Mail for .NET provides the ability to send mail via SMTP, download it with POP3 or access a remote mailbox using IMAP from your .NET application. Rebex Mail for .NET will provide the required infrastructure. It allows you to retrieve, create, load, process, save and send e-mail messages in MIME format using a simple yet comprehensive interface, with no need to understand the complexities of MIME format. And for advanced users, there is a low-level MIME library as well.

SMTP features

  • Send e-mail
  • Connect directly to recipient's SMTP server
  • Binary and 8 bit MIME
  • Chunking and pipelining
  • Many authentication methods
  • Delivery status notifications
  • 100% CDONTS and CDOSYS free

POP3 features

  • Download messages
  • List messages
  • Retrieve message headers
  • Delete messages
  • Message list with headers

IMAP features

  • Download and upload messages
  • Search messages
  • Manage folders (create/rename/delete)
  • Delete messages
  • Get and set message flags
  • Notification events
  • Multiple-message...

Latest News

Rebex adds Mono support
Rebex adds Mono support
Assemblies that work on Windows can now be used on OS X and on Linux.
Rebex Total Pack improves Certificate Management
Rebex Total Pack improves Certificate Management
New ValidatingCertificate event makes writing custom certificate validation routines much easier.

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