About Rebex SSH Shell for .NET

SSH shell, tunneling, telnet, ANSI terminal emulation library for .NET.

Rebex SSH Shell for .NET component is an SSH shell, tunneling, telnet and ANSI terminal emulation library for .NET languages (such as C# or VB.NET). It makes it easy to execute commands on Unix/Windows SSH or telnet servers and to add terminal emulation capabilities to your applications. All popular SSH or telnet servers are supported.

Rebex SSH Shell for .NET Features

  • Execute SSH commands - Use the RunCommand method for executing simple commands. Use the powerful terminal scripting API if you need to script more complex terminal applications.
  • Scriptable headless terminal - Also known as virtual terminal. Great for applications that interact with SSH or telnet servers but don't need to display the actual terminal session. Use the screen scraping API for saving the screen content as an image, text file or HTML file.
  • Connect with SSH, telnet or serial cable - Connect using telnet or SSH. Reuse your SSH session for SFTP. Multiple authentication modes included - from username/password to private keys and Kerberos. Cable connections over RS-232 serial port are supported as well.
    • SSH
    • Telnet
    • Serial cable (RS-232)
  • Login with anything
    • Username and password
    • Public/private key
    • X.509 client certificate
    • GSSAPI
    • Kerberos
    • NTLM
    • Single Sign-On (Kerberos and NTLM)
    • Advanced keyboard-interactive authentication
    • Custom authentication (telnet and serial cable)
  • VT100, VT52, xterm, ANSI, Pick terminal emulation - Includes emulator of most popular terminals:
    • ANSI
    • VT52
    • VT100 and its successors (VT201, VT220)
    • VT520 and VT525 (most features)
    • xterm (most features)
    • SCO ANSI (experimental)
    • Wise 60 (experimental)
    • Pick (experimental)
  • SSH tunelling and port forwarding - SSH tunelling and port forwarding makes it possible to forward traffic for all connections accepted on a local IP/port (at the client) to a remote IP/port through the server (turning the client to a proxy), or the other way around.
  • Scriptable Windows Forms terminal control - WinForms terminal control with full Visual Studio designer support. Control it from your code or leave it to your users.
  • Other features
    • Terminal session recording and replay.
    • Box-drawing and block element characters supported for all fonts.
    • Scroll-back buffer support.
    • Events and delegates for effortless integration with your applications.
    • All common firewalls and proxy servers are supported.
    • Multiple simultaneous operations.
    • FIPS-compliant mode in which only FIPS-approved modules are used.