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SQL Clone is a database provisioning tool that lets you create full copies of SQL Server databases and backups in seconds, using around 40MB of disk space per clone. Instead of spending hours provisioning copies of your database for development, testing, or diagnostics, SQL Clone creates one data image of a SQL Server database or backup, which you use as the source for clones. Clones work just like normal databases. You can connect to them and edit them using any program. SQL Clone's Web app provides an easy central place to create and manage clones. With SQL Clone, your team can work locally on up-to-date, isolated copies of the database to speed up development, accurately test code, and fix issues faster.

A big win for us is giving each developer the freedom to work on their own database.

Ryan Hird, DevOps Engineer, Bennetts (Saga Group)

Take the pain out of creating and managing copies of production databases, so you and your team ship changes faster.

  • Save time provisioning.
  • Save up to 99% storage space.
  • Central view of database copies.
  • Fewer provisioning requests.
  • Local, isolated development.
  • Accurate testing using realistic data.

Latest News

SQL Clone 5.3.0
SQL Clone 5.3.0
SQL Clone now targets Microsoft .NET 6.0.
SQL Clone 5.2.12
SQL Clone 5.2.12
Improves logging in Agent and Server tools.
SQL Clone 5.2.10
SQL Clone 5.2.10
New Powershell cmdlet allows you to manually register and start a SQL Clone Agent when needed.
SQL Clone 4.4.31
SQL Clone 4.4.31
SQL Clone's client endpoint (port 14145) now uses ASP.Net Core.
SQL Clone 4.0.7
SQL Clone 4.0.7
Adds new 'soft delete' option for removing images from SQL Clone server.
SQL Clone 4.0.0
SQL Clone 4.0.0
Control which instances specific users can use when creating clones and images.

Prices from: $ 10,484.10

SQL Clone is licensed per year. To continue to use the software you must have a valid subscription. Pricing for SQL Clone is based on the total volume of data in all production databases that you...

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