SQL Data Generator 3.1.6

August 25, 2016

Updates in 3.1.6


  • Updated SQL Compare engine.
  • Commandline and UI both now require .NET 4 runtime.
  • Now reopens connection dialog when the connection fails.
  • Added a generator: Use Default Values - does not generate data for the column, using the server default value instead.
  • Generation report display is optional when generating data.
  • "Save as" now adds the project to the list of recently used projects.
  • Recently used projects list is now sorted by most recently accessed.
  • Support for SSMS March 2016 Preview Refresh (VS2015 shell).
  • Updated product switcher and Redgate logo.
  • Updated IronPython library to version 2.7.5 (latest stable release as of April 2016).
  • New window appearance.
  • SDG-634: When populating from another table, IDENTITY columns can now be populated either from the source table or with default values.
  • Updated the Logging framework and moved Logging menu under help menu.
  • New feature usage reporting. Opt in/out from Help > Help us improve our products.
  • New login based licensing.
  • Latest UI components, uses a more legible font on the menu.
  • Updated feature usage reporting library.
  • Latest UI components, fixes initial window position, layout issues and a rare crash.
  • Updated feature usage reporting library, fixes occassional shutdown failures.
  • The current project now remains open and unchanged if new / open project is cancelled.
  • When save password is unchecked, password changes no longer mark the project as changed.


  • Command line no longer stops working after 28 days.
  • SDG-848: "Uniqueidentifier" spelled correctly in the column description.
  • SDG-1108: Geography generator no longer throws error with German regional settings.
  • SDG-943: Smalldatetime data type no longer shows non-zero seconds in the preview table.
  • SDG-951: NullReferenceException @ Controller.NewProjectFromSsmsContext.
  • SDG-1126: "Delete data from table before generation" now works correctly for memory optimized tables.
  • SDG-1127: Clustered columnstore indexes are no longer disabled prior to data insertion.
  • SDG-1128: Columnstore indexes are no longer disabled and reenabled on unselected tables in the database.
  • SDG-1129: "City from State or Region" cross column generator now builds its dictionary correctly.
  • Fixed the project configuration dialog marking the project as unsaved when nothing has changed.
  • SDG-534: Can now not save passwords as part of projects.
  • SDG-942: money & smallmoney sql types now correctly show the preview to 4 dp.
  • SDG-1081: UI no longer breaks Python generators after a project is saved.
  • SDG-1094: UI no longer breaks Python generators when switching columns.
  • SDG-1111: Allow null values checkbox for SQL Statement generator has the correct initial value.
  • SDG-1113: Date Add generator no longer sometimes stops halfway through generating.
  • SDG-1174: Now shows project configuration dialog if there was an error opening a project. This will improve initial load time when there are many tests.