SQL Dependency Tracker

SQL Dependency Tracker allows you to dynamically explore all your database object dependencies, using a range of graphical layouts. You can analyze large Microsoft SQL databases and produce an easy-to-read dependency diagram for thorough pre-impact analysis of all database changes. The fast and simple visual rendering of database structures includes a draggable "overview" window to enable very rapid navigation through large databases, plus clipboard functions for saving and printing your target diagrams.

SQL Dependency Tracker makes life easier.
Tracking dependencies by hand traditionally relies on the personal knowledge of whoever designed the database in the first place. If that person has moved on or is indisposed, business continuity suffers. Automated SQL Server dependency tracking and reporting minimizes downtime and ensures business continuity.

Tasks rendered dramatically faster by SQL Dependency Tracker include:

  • Quickly visualizing areas of complexity with dependency diagrams and text...

Latest News

SQL Dependency Tracker v3.3.10
SQL Dependency Tracker v3.3.10
March 17, 2023New Version
Adds support for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 2019 GA.
SQL Dependency Tracker v3.3.8
SQL Dependency Tracker v3.3.8
September 12, 2022New Version
Database connections are now encrypted by default for non-local servers.
SQL Dependency Tracker v3.3.7
SQL Dependency Tracker v3.3.7
May 6, 2022New Version
New option allows contained or restricted databases to be added to dependency diagrams.
SQL Dependency Tracker v3.3.6
SQL Dependency Tracker v3.3.6
April 5, 2022New Version
Adds support for Azure Active Directory authentication when connecting to servers and databases.
SQL Dependency Tracker v3.3.x
SQL Dependency Tracker v3.3.x
April 29, 2020New Version
Adds support for SSMS 18.5.
SQL Dependency Tracker v3.2.6
SQL Dependency Tracker v3.2.6
March 5, 2020New Version
The dependency diagram now includes dbo and guest users.

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