SQL Prompt Bundle

SQL Prompt Bundle includes SQL Prompt, SQL Doc, SQL Data Generator and SQL Refactor. SQL Prompt provides seamless IntelliSense-style auto-completion and layout. SQL Doc enables you to connect to databases and output documentation in word or HTML formats. SQL Data Generator automatically populates databases with realistc test data. SQL Refactor allows you to automatically format your SQL code and database objects in the style of your choice.

SQL Prompt Bundle includes:

  • SQL Prompt Pro: seamless IntelliSense-style code completion and layout
  • SQL Doc: fast database documentation in Word or HTML
  • SQL Data Generator: automatically populate databases with realistic test data
  • SQL Refactor: a host of smart refactorings on the fly

SQL Prompt - Intelligent code completion and layout for MS SQL Server

  • Write SQL fast and accurately with code completion
  • Understand code more easily with script layout
  • Continue to use your current editor – SQL Prompt...

Latest News

SQL Prompt Pro
SQL Prompt Pro
Adds support for CURRENT_TIMEZONE and CURRENT_TIMEZONE_ID when using Azure SQL Server.
SQL Prompt Pro 10.4.3
SQL Prompt Pro 10.4.3
Improves the appearance when in high contrast mode.
SQL Prompt Bundle 10.4.x
SQL Prompt Bundle 10.4.x
Adds support for connecting to servers using Microsoft Active Directory Universal with MFA in SSMS.
SQL Prompt Bundle 10.2.x
SQL Prompt Bundle 10.2.x
SQL Prompt no longer uses a vulnerable version of SQLite.
SQL Prompt Bundle 10.1.x
SQL Prompt Bundle 10.1.x
Adds the ability to autofix issues using the Alt + Enter keyboard shortcut.
SQL Prompt Pro 10.0.x
SQL Prompt Pro 10.0.x
Adds support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and improves auto suggestion and auto fixes.

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