Cloud-based Linux Server monitoring solution.

Published by Webyog
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2010

Version: 3.0 Updated: May 24, 2016


SeaLion is no longer available, if you are looking for an alternative product to monitor your database check out Monyog.


SeaLion is a cloud based system monitoring tool that allows you to view raw output for critical events across Linux servers. Getting started is as easy as executing a command. It installs an agent at /usr/local/sealion-agent and runs as an unprivileged user (sealion). This agent will collect data at regular intervals across servers and this data will be available on your workspace. SeaLion has been built from the ground up to monitor hundreds of servers, and Webyog have increased the bandwidth of the product regarding service compatibility by supporting new services such as MongoDB, Redis, NGINX, Apache, and MySQL. One agent to monitor all services and use the custom framework to monitor any other Linux based services.

SeaLion is a Linux Server Monitoring Tool, which allows you to cut through the noise and view the raw output for critical events across servers with one single tap.

SeaLion perfectly integrates the right amount of charting and the raw output of commands so you can take immediate actions without having to absorb processed data for business intelligence, unwanted insights, etc. It’s literally like having a Linux terminal open across servers with classic UI and appropriate charting to identify the...

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SeaLion 3.0
SeaLion 3.0
Introduces Custom Metrics.
SeaLion is a Cloud Based Service, priced on an Annual Subscription basis per Server. There are currently 2 options for Data Retention, 7 Days or 14 Days. To continue to use the service after your...

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