SecureBlackbox Releases

Released: Mar 17, 2020

Updates in 2020



  • Full TLS 1.3 support.
  • TLS 1.2 optimizations.
  • EdDSA curve (ed25519 and ed448) support.
  • Built-in certificate validation.
  • DNS over TLS.

Certificate and Key Management

  • KMIP (Key Management Interoperability).
  • Support for Trust-Service Status Lists.
  • New EC curves supported, including EdDSA and X9.62.


  • EdDSA support for key exchange and signatures.
  • Memory and performance optimizations.
  • Improved interoperability with various SFTP servers.

Released: Feb 27, 2020

Updates in 16.0.328



  • (DAV) Added property to allow the hash (#) sign in URLs.
  • (DAV) Added property which allows you to use an OPTIONS request for object existence checking.
  • (XML) Added support for Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS) v2.5 and v3.0.
  • (ASiC) Added archive timestamp support for XAdES signatures in an ASiC container.
  • (ASiC) Added method that allows to you to update existing signatures (CAdES or XAdES). E.g. to add timestamps to the signature.
  • (PKI) Non-conformant...

Released: Dec 26, 2019

Updates in 16.0.327


  • VCL
    • Added Android 64-bit support.
    • Added Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.3.3 support.
    • (SSL) Indy IO Handler components tuned up to increase stability.
  • PHP
    • Added support for PHP 7.3 and 7.4.
  • All
    • (XML) Added support for async signing for CounterSignatures in XAdES.
    • (DAV) TElWebDAVServer enhanced with Win32FileAttributes, Win32CreationTime, Win32LastAccessTime and Win32LastModifiedTime properties support.
    • (SSL) Min accepted DHE key size increased to 1024 bits.
    • (SFTP) Heuristics enhancements to...

Released: Nov 12, 2019

Updates in 16.0.326



  • (HTTP) Added OnGetUserDigestAuthInfo and OnVerifyUserAuthInfo events for better control of authorization.
  • (Cloud) Extended Dropbox components with Path and Parent properties.
  • (Cloud) Updated the REST version used by Azure components to 2015-04-05 as the previously used version has been gradually retiring.
  • (WebDAV) TElWebDAVClient improved to accept status codes without reason phrase.
  • (Zip) Unified behaviour of OnUserActionNeeded in Tar with that in Zip.
  • (PKI) Improved handling of...

Released: Oct 4, 2019

Updates in 16.0.325



  • (MIME) Added support for remote signing mode to S/MIME components.
  • (PKI) Added OnRemoteDecrypt method to TElMessageDecryptor.
  • (PKI) Added TElOCSPClient.HashAlgorithm property.
  • (ASiC) Switched manifests to forward slashes in paths.


  • Added a set of assemblies for .NET Core 3.
  • Added PKCS#11 and Apple certificate storage components to .NET Core.
  • (Base) Re-worked socket shutdown and disposal on .NET core for better memory efficiency.


  • (ASiC) Added ASiC component to C++ edition...

Released: Aug 29, 2019

Updates in 16.0.324



  • PKCS#11 proxy driver updated for all platforms.
  • PKI - Compatibility improvements in PKCS#11 on MacOS.
  • Fixed a number of minor glitches in .NET Core revision.


  • Speed improvements.
  • Added an option to intercept creation of internal server engine in 'simple' components.


  • Added an option to intercept creation of internal server engine in 'simple' components.


  • Improved tolerance of S3 List() and BucketExists() routines to specific AC configurations.


  • Repaired a couple of...

Released: Jun 18, 2019

Updates in 16.0.323


  • Added support for CryptoAPI-driven OAEP and PSS to Win32 cryptoprovider.
  • DC - Extended CMS handler with remote signing capability.
  • HTTP - Improved HTTPS/SOAP clients to support multipart server responses.
  • XML - Improved XPath Filter 2.0 transform to work for cases when it was added after Enveloped Signature transform.
  • ZIP - Added an option to open local files in non-exclusive mode.
  • SFTP - A number of buffer tune-ups to increase the throughput.
  • SSH - Improved EarlyIDString mode.
  • FTP...

Released: Jan 29, 2019

Updates in 16.0.320



  • Added overloaded methods with "Deep" parameter that allows you to search for all descendants of a specified element/document (not only immediate child).
  • Improved methods to move a node from its current position to a new position if the node was appended before (under the same document). Previous behavior: if the node had a parent node then an exception was thrown.


  • Introduced FTPTextBufferSize, FTPWriteBufferSize, CtlPollInterval for better control over data channel throughput...

Released: Apr 1, 2018

Updates in 16.0.313


  • Base - DNS resolver timeout values are now changed only when the socket timeout is not 0 (because the value of 0 in the DNS resolver has different meaning).
  • Base - Error code in timeout exception thrown by the DNS fixed (it was hard-coded to Windows value, now it's correct for other platforms).
  • Base - CA certificates, retrieved for the certificate, could not be found when verifying CRL signatures. Fixed.
  • HTTP -TElHTTPSClient.SetupHeaders method was choosing wrong Connection header value...

Released: Jun 30, 2017

Updates in v16


Implement FIDO U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) authentication.

  • New client components implement U2F via USB.
  • New server components implement U2F on any platform.

Process Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) Faster

  • The new TEIRawCL class is optimized for cases in which you need to check the status of a single certificate.

Implement X.509 Certificate Authentication

  • SSH and SFTP components now support X.509 certificate authentication according to the modern RFC 6187.

Use TLS 1.2 and 1.3 in early...