RadiantQ adds customizable headers

Released: Oct 20, 2010

Updates in this release

Updates in V2.0

New Features:

  • A CheckBoxDropDown to allow end users to select multiple resources in the dropdown, in the Resources column in the grid
  • GanttControl.ActivityTimeChanged event notifies of end-user changing the start or end time of a task
  • Set BaseActivity.IsEndTimeCachingEnabled to true to improve performance for tasks with large Efforts
  • ContextMenu for the grid now appears wherever you right click on a row
  • ResourceIDBinding lets you persist Resource Assignments using your "resource ids" which would be unique rather than "resource names" as in the older version
  • Support for Resource Specific Calendars (Schedules)
  • New GanttControl.AdjustDurationOnAssignments property to help setup effort-driven scheduling (true; default) or fixed-duration scheduling (false)
  • TimeScaleHeaderDefinition.TimeUnitTemplate allows you to customize the look and feel of the time line headers
  • GanttControl.TaskBarBackgroundTemplate allows you to define custom UI elements behind a task bar


  • Fix for MS Project Export issue
  • Fixes chart going out of sync with grid on up/down
  • Fix for PrintChart bug while printing in ResizeToFit mode
  • Fix for the ProgressBar rendering incorrectly issue when multiple resources are assigned