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RadiantQ Silverlight Gantt

Add interactive gantt charts to your Silverlight Web applications.

Published by RadiantQ
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2010

Version: 7.0 Updated: Sep 15, 2015

RadiantQ Silverlight Gantt Releases

Released: Sep 15, 2015

Updates in V7.0


  • Support for Task Level Schedules in Project Gantt.
  • Support for dependency line rerouting (when a task is collapsed out of view) in Resource Gantt.
  • Improved, full dependency line rendering when virtualized.
  • Auto Scrolling and Auto Paging while moving and resizing the task bars.
  • EndTimeBinding for tracking endtimes in data sources and to improve load time perf.
  • Rendering the FlexyGantt tasks resized to fit the schedule of that row, when showing the day header.
  • Support for MS Project...

Released: Nov 4, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in V6.5

  • Support for frozen rows.
  • Comprehensive undo/redo operations for editing Gantt charts.
  • New schedules for rendering tasks.
  • Manually schedule dependent tasks.

Released: Feb 17, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in V6

  • Resource Load View - Plot loads for resources across a time line.
  • Adjust dependency lines to center with task bars.
  • Center Milestones in FlexyGantt using new TaskItemControl.MilestoneWidth static property.

Released: Aug 28, 2013

Updates in this release

Updates in V5.5

  • Browse To Task Cues - Indicates where hidden (scrolled out of view) tasks are and brings them into view.
  • Horizontally Virtualized Rendering - Display an unlimited number of tasks within a row.
  • MS Project-like IDs - IDs automatically update as tasks are moved. Predecessor indices are also updated automatically.
  • Project Gantt Filtering - Allow users to easily filter tasks by any criteria including only showing completed tasks.
  • Time Span Highlighting - Mouse over a time unit...

Released: Oct 9, 2012

Updates in this release

Updates in V4.0

  • Printing a Table and a Gantt chart on the same page, side by side.
  • Zoom out to fit the specific pages.
  • FlexyGantt.TaskTimeChanging event added for better control over updated task times as the end-user moves/resizes tasks in the chart.
  • Ability to bind to a single type that represents both a parent and child in a hierarchy.
  • Support for automatically adjusting the row height.
  • A new WorkingHoursBar added to help distinguish working time from non-working time.

Released: Nov 21, 2011

Updates in this release

Updates in V3.5

  • Virtualized rendering supports a large number of task or resource rows
  • Overlapped task support in the FlexyGantt control
  • Ability to show dependency lines in the FlexyGantt control
  • Ability to bind a Gantt model to a FlexyGantt control
  • Drag and drop rows in FlexyGantt tables
  • Effort column now shows sum of all child efforts in summary row
  • Ability to export resource list when exporting to Project format

Released: Jul 7, 2011

Updates in this release

Updates in V3.0

  • Custom Background Ranges: Specify custom background ranges (CustomChartBackgroundRanges property) to be rendered in the chart with a custom template. Specify either a discreet range or repeating ranges.
  • Resource Assignment DropDown: New Filter TextBox in Resource Assignment dropdown helps filter through a big list of resources.
  • Resource Leveling Behavior: Better ResourceLeveling behavior for "Fixed Duration tasks" (AdjustDurationOnAssignment == false)
  • FlexyTable Drag and Drop...

Released: Feb 1, 2011

Updates in this release

Updates in V2.5


  • Report Style Printing: Printing with Header, Footer and Report Footer.
  • Minute header support in the chart time scale.
  • Fully customize the look and feel of the bar in the GanttControl via templates (FlexyGantt bars are already templatized).
  • Improved look and feel with Mouse Hover background cue for rows in the chart area.
  • Click events for capturing user clicks on the GanttControl's bars.
  • Support for specifying multiple text formats in the header. The gantt will...

Released: Oct 20, 2010

Updates in this release

Updates in V2.0

New Features:

  • A CheckBoxDropDown to allow end users to select multiple resources in the dropdown, in the Resources column in the grid
  • GanttControl.ActivityTimeChanged event notifies of end-user changing the start or end time of a task
  • Set BaseActivity.IsEndTimeCachingEnabled to true to improve performance for tasks with large Efforts
  • ContextMenu for the grid now appears wherever you right click on a row
  • ResourceIDBinding lets you persist Resource Assignments using your "resource...