Smart HTML Elements Releases

Released: Aug 4, 2023

Updates in v16.0.1


  • Added Grid Rating, Duration and Time columns.
  • Grid Column Type change - The grid now has new functionality which allows users to dynamically change the column type.
  • Grid Grouping and dynamic addition of rows to groups - When the add new row functionality is turned on, Grid groups will now display a button which allows you to adds a new row to the group.
  • Grid Toolbar drop-downs browser bounds detection - Drop-downs will now open above the Grid when there is no available space.
  • Improved...

Released: May 22, 2023

Updates in v15.2.9


  • Fixed an issue in the Grid about Filter Row and checkbox filter editor.
  • Fixed an issue in the Grid about Filter Row and remote data source.
  • Fixed an issue in the Grid about Paging and remote data source.
  • Fixed an issue in the Pager about unnecessary invoking events related to the page size selector.

Released: May 16, 2023

Updates in v15.2.1


  • Added Angular 16 support.
  • Custom current time can now be set up for Scheduler and Gantt components.
  • Improved Gantt API for rendering tasks and projects - This allows developers to customize the appearance. Added a 'quarterFormat' property to customize the quarter views.
  • Improved Editor API - Developers can now easily add, remove and update tools from the editor.
  • Improved Kanban tasks priority look and feel.


  • Fixed an issue in the React Grid about state persistence.
  • Fixed an issue...

Released: Apr 23, 2023

Updates in v15.2.0


  • Gantt Views - The view property has been extended with a new 'quarter' option which displays Quarters. The Month view now can display not only weeks, but also days.
  • Gantt first day of week - Users can now choose the first day of the week in the Month view.
  • Grid Number column can now be customized to display 'thousands separator' separator.
  • Added new Fluent UI Theme.
  • Gantt header visibility can now be customized to display one, two or three headers.
  • Gantt Month view can now be customized...

Released: Jan 23, 2023

Updates in R1 2023 (15.0.0)


  • Added Angular 15 support.
  • Added Microsoft .NET 7 support for Blazor.
  • Added 3D chart component.
  • Added support for Grid save/load state (persist state).
  • Scheduler
    • Define availability for specific periods.
    • You can now restrict user input.
    • When there are multiple legends, they are now displayed in a dropdown component.
    • Improved performance.

Released: Sep 29, 2022

Updates in v14.4.0


  • Added new Admin Template for Angular and React.
  • Improved Grid performance when dynamically adding rows.
  • Improved Grid image column with new configuration options for uploading files.
  • Improved Query Builder and ListBox with support for sanitized HTML in input and select field items.


  • Grid about filtering with empty values.
  • Grid about the paste and copy values when using editor which has dataSource such as DropDownList or ComboBox editor.
  • Grid about the clipboard cut and delete when...

Released: Jul 12, 2022

Updates in v14.2.0


  • Grid
    • Added support for custom sorting.
    • Added support for custom Filter Menu.
    • Added support for custom row and cell styling with CSS classes and rules.
    • Added support for multiple columns grouping rendering mode.
    • Updated server-side grouping.
    • Added support for Grid context menus.
    • Added support for Grid row span.
    • Improved Grid UI when loading groups and rows on demand.
    • Improved Grid documentation.
  • DateInput
    • Improved formatString property.
  • Kanban
    • Improved filter and sort using custom fields...

Released: Jun 3, 2022

Updates in v14.0.75


  • Added support for Angular 14.

Released: Apr 18, 2022

Updates in v14.0.0


  • New Components
    • New Barcode component.
    • New QR code component.
  • Kanban
    • Updated kanban scss. The new change enables additional styles for the Kanban board.
    • Added new columnWidth property which allows for horizontal scrolling in Kanban boards.
    • Added new dialogRendered property which allows for custom dialogs for Kanban boards.
  • Window
    • Added new API for move, updateContent and updateLabel.


  • Input
    • Bug fix for selectedValues.
    • Create from option tag.
  • Grid
    • autoHideGroupColumn bug fix. The...

Released: Apr 5, 2022

Updates in v13.1.26


  • Grid - Added a new cell editor for color input.
  • Kanban
    • Added entire column color surface property.
    • Added a column summary footer.
  • Tree - Improved selection API with getselectedvalues, setselectedvalues, unselectvalues methods.
  • Grid - Improved styling API with setRowStyle and setCellStyle methods.
  • Docking layout - Improved insert API with insertFloatingWindow method.
  • Datetimepicker - Improved set/get API with setDate and getDate methods.


  • Grid - sort indexes bug fix. Improve sort...