About Smart Package Robot

Advanced Installation Recorder plus RPA-Scripting System.

Smart Package Robot (SPR) is an advanced installation recorder plus included RPA-Scripting system with over 1000 commands for use with Microsoft Windows. Automate your process / installation in just 3 Steps: Record the Task, Edit/Test your Script and finally compile a self-running executable that does not need an installation itself.

What is the Smart Package Robot (SPR) good for?
The SPR clicks buttons or operates the keyboard. But this is only the smallest part of what the SPR can do. There are more than 1000 functions for all areas that should run automatically. SPR can also transmit data and encrypt it securely (OTP).

  • Application Control - Instruct the SPR to become your virtual assistant for repeated tasks.
  • Automatic Installation - Software distribution; Record Installation, Compile and Distribute to other Computer client to automate the installation.
  • Automatically Run Tests - Set the SPR to automatically perform frequently measure test cases.