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SocketTools Subscription is a suite of Internet components and libraries for Windows software development. It provides you with every .NET class, ActiveX control and native Windows library in all three SocketTools editions. It also includes unlimited, priority technical support along with free upgrades to new versions when they’re released.

The SocketTools Subscription is a comprehensive suite of managed code .NET classes, ATL-based ActiveX controls (OCXs) and dynamic link libraries (DLLs) which can be used in a wide variety of programming languages. It provides everything that you need for any type of project, and offers real value for professional developers who use a variety of software development tools and programming languages. The subscription includes more than 80 components and libraries which can be used to develop...

Latest News

Boost Security with SSH/SFTP Public Key Authentication
Boost Security with SSH/SFTP Public Key Authentication
July 8, 2024Product Update
SocketTools .NET Edition eliminates password vulnerabilities and simplifies access management for secure file transfers and server communication.
SocketTools 11.0.2148.1554
SocketTools 11.0.2148.1554
August 23, 2023New Version
Adds new functions to simplify establishing TCP connections using a URL.
SocketTools 11.0.2142.1518
SocketTools 11.0.2142.1518
July 31, 2023New Version
Adds additional parameter checking to networking I/O functions.
SocketTools 11.0.2140.1494
SocketTools 11.0.2140.1494
July 14, 2023New Version
Improves handling of malformed MIME messages which contain invalid quoted-printable encoding.
SocketTools 11.0.2136.1480
SocketTools 11.0.2136.1480
June 16, 2023New Version
FTP and HTTP server components now permit usernames and passwords with Unicode characters.
SocketTools 11
SocketTools 11
May 17, 2023New Version
Adds support for the HTTP/2.0 protocol in all HTTP client components.

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Developer License - Licensed for use by a single developer. You may install the software on both your desktop and a laptop or tablet. There are no runtime licensing fees. Subscription includes free...

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hfineUSA5 star
This is the best suite of Internet components I've worked with, and we've worked with most of them. Awesome documentation, excellent support, extremely easy to use and outstanding performance and... Read more

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