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Sphere Engine is an all-in-one package of cloud components that enables you to effortlessly create an enhanced environment for programmers to learn and be assessed. Sphere Engine executes and checks the correctness of the code for 80+ programming languages. Sphere Engine will integrate with your product via API, JavaScript web components, and LTI protocol. It has been used by millions of professionals, candidates, and students in 67 countries including Fortune 500 companies.

Day by day our company meets different challenges. Without committed and talented employees we would not be able to do anything brilliant. Ever since 2009, we have used Sphere Engine to test the skills of programmers, before hiring them in our company. Thanks to products co-developed with Sphere Research Labs we have access to thousands of highly competent job-seekers in the IT industry!

Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and Founder Directi Corporation

Sphere Engine strives to help customers to unclutter themselves from handling multiple, complicated and security-sensitive technologies, so they can focus on what’s critical to their businesses. Sphere Engine's technology has been leveraged by the most recognizable brands and universities in the world.

Use case scenarios:

  • Deploy custom branded E-learning platforms for programmers that will scale big at a low cost.
  • Build recruitment platforms with the ability to automatically assess the code of...

Latest News

Sphere Engine - Cloud Service updated
Sphere Engine - Cloud Service updated
Includes a major update of supported programming languages.
Sphere Engine - Cloud Service released
Sphere Engine - Cloud Service released
Create flexible and scalable coding skills assessment solutions and code execution environments.

Prices from: $ 5,782.00

1 license / subscription allows for the use of the Sphere Engine components in more than one project. The license / subscription is limited only by the number of submissions and checkers included in a...

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Sphere Engine
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